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Lay-by boob jobs? How very GC!

JUST like lay-bying the kids’ Christmas presents and paying them off, mum can now put her cosmetic surgery on a payment plan too.

JUST like lay-bying the kids’ Christmas presents and paying them off, mum can now put her cosmetic surgery on a payment plan too.

Cosmetic surgery clinics and travel agencies are offering boob jobs and procedures on payment plans to cater for demand from potential clients who cannot afford to pay upfront.

But those who commit to certain schemes be warned — they could end up paying twice the original surgery price.

Hire purchase used to be for household electrical goods or furniture, now it’s being applied to body parts, a Gold Coast Bulletin investigation has found.

Claire Licciardo, managing director of the Coast’s Cosmetic Holidays International now re-branded as NipTuck Holidays, will today launch a new lay-by option where clients can enter a six to 12-month payment plan and only pay weekly transaction fees.

It means a $6500 procedure would only set them back a further $338.

“I think this will be really successful because we’re catering to that part of the market I never used to, I only catered for the middle to high end,” she said.

Make-up artist Ellie Wright, who runs local styling business Beauty Queen, said this gave women a good option if they weren’t good savers.

Ms Wright wants to go to Thailand next year for a nose job and possible chin implant.

“It’s a way of paying that money, just not spending it week to week on little things you don’t really need,” she said.

Australia’s biggest cosmetic surgery provider, The Cosmetic Institute in Sydney provides payment plans using Zip money which charges a 19.9 per cent interest rate if the loan is fully repaid within three months.

After that a minimum $150 or 3 per cent of the outstanding balance must be repaid every month.

A $6500 loan paid back over six years at around $155 a month would see a woman pay over $4600 in interest as well as a $349 sign up fee and a $5.95 per month ($357 over six years) administration fee.

The fees and interest would total over $5380 almost the same as the original cost of the procedure.

Ellie Wright. Image: Instagram

Ellie Wright. Image: Instagram

Institute managing director David Segal said his company had no financial interest in Zip money and not all clients used it.

“People have been doing it on their home loan, extending their mortgage, getting a personal loan,” he says.

Gold Coast-based Cosmeditour provides an interest free payment option where the person pays n instalments for travelling to Thailand for surgery or using the business’ Gold Coast service. It charges a non refundable deposit of $500.

Sydney’s Enhance Clinic offers breast enlargements for $5790 with finance available if you pay $2970 upfront and $80 per week for a year, clients paying $1,000 in excess of their surgery.

Melbourne’s Elysium Cosmetic and Medical offers payment plans that for around $155 per month over five years would see the person outlay $2318 in interest.

Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey says the interest rates being offered for cosmetic surgery loans “are inflated”.

“It really pays to shop around,” he said.

“Don’t assume the company providing the procedure is providing the best credit,” he said.

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