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Cancun, Mexico Re-Opens!

Cancun, Mexico re-opens!

Like the rest of the world with the global pandemic, Mexico declared had quarantine  on March 16th, 2020. After after almost 3 months, Cancun has  re-opened to the international tourist with American Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue, and United to reopen their routes to this destination. Safety  protocols are in motion to ensure your health every step of the way.

Cancun is a very different destination than it was before. If there’s something good to come from this worldwide pandemic, it might be the way Earth is given a chance to breathe a bit. Scientists have already seen how quickly the climate, and nature far and wide, is already revitalizing and recovering from human climate change damage.

It has allowed nature to restore it’s balance and you can see now lots of birds and dolphins close to the beach. Turtle nests in many beaches and the colors of the Caribbean are brighter. The unique turquoise waters will take your breath away while you enjoy the warm white-powder sand under your feet.

Restaurants and shopping malls are open, so you will be able to enjoy your visit and enjoy the new ways, like the online restaurant menus. You will be given a code so you can read those on your smartphone, and that is cool. Summer is the best time to enjoy Cancun, so this is your opportunity to live a one of kind experience because you will be one of the “pioneers” who stepped into this amazing destination after the big pause.


Xcaret is an example of the ” Be smart, Be safe” protocols and it has been awarded by Travvy Awards as the best aquatic theme park in the world with prizes are given by the Academy of Tourism Industry, USA.

Xcaret is 1.5 hours far from Cancun and they have their own buses that you can take to visit this amazing world full of butterflies, pink flamingos, a bat cave, monkeys, an underground river and you can also enjoy the famous Xcaret show featuring Mexico’s Precolumbian heritage with its traditional customs, dancing and singing.

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