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NipTuck is offering the trip-of-a-lifetime where can indulge in your dream cosmetic surgery procedure!  We were the first medical tourism agency on the Gold Coast to host Group Tours  to Phuket where we personally accompany our clients when travelling.

We have personally hosted Group Tours to Phuket since 2008 so we have a lot of experience making our clients feel as supported as possible and so that everyone can have a bit of company. This is ideal if you want cosmetic surgery or dental abroad and don’t have anyone to travel with or have never had cosmetic surgery before.

We understand the first-time anxiety, fear of travelling alone, uncertainty of travelling for surgery in a foreign in country and specialise in supporting our clients in this important journey! These tours became very popular  and we are now getting a lot of requests again  so they don’t have to travel alone.

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Or have never never travelled overseas before or if you just wanting emotional support . Or maybe even want to share their experience with others in the same position- this is for you!

We coordinate every aspect of your itinerary; including airport, hotel and hospital transfers, accommodation, surgery and even tourist events!  We will look after your every step of the way!

We have an active presence at the hospital with you for your consultations with your surgeons, visit you in hospital and are there for you through the recovery. Post-op if you just want to lay by the pool or explore the beaches, we are happy to join you take in the magical scenery. And if and when you are feeling up to it, we arrange a variety of tourist activities to experience the local food and culture. It really is a lot of fun!


Group Tours in Turkey

As Turkey is becoming the most well-known worldwide medical tourism destinations in the world – we are personally hosting Group Tours from Australia with NipTuk Holidays!

We have two options in Turkey- the electric city of Istanbul and the hub of medical tourism!  And  Antalya, the city on the seaside and the undisputed tourism capital on the mediterranean.
Your choice- our choice, we provide both this October and offer the best prices in the world and the best spot for medical tourism in 2023!

Antalya is also known as the Turkish Riviera, a world famous destination that mesmerize every travellers with its turquoise, blue water, waterfalls  and natural beauty so much history with Roman ruins and relics. This is in addition to it’s world-class surgeons and modern medical facilities, Turkey has become the place to have cosmetic surgery and our choice for Group Tours!

It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to recovery post-op and do as little or as much   as much as you like depending upon your recovery! But being on this port town, sampling the Turkish food and culture. Imagine watching panorama landscape of Kaputas Beach (aka Kaputaş Plajı) of Mediterranean as you recover….. *sigh*…..

You don’t need to dream about it any more! We are offering the world’s best prices and the world’s best service together with our hospital partners at this stunning location on the Mediterranean. Could the location be any more perfect?

The location for Group Tour is Antalya remains Turkey’s undisputed tourism capital,  beachside Antalya, Turkey known as the Turkish Riviera! It is also Turkey’s most famous Mediterranean resort city’ for medical tourism, with phenomenal views over the sea and the mountains down the coastline! Famous for its charming nature and glamorous atmosphere , with its pristine beaches  with turquoise water, natural beauty, rich history, and modern facilities it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to recover from surgery!


It is our role to create the best experience for you as our client whilst in Turkey offering you a huge amount of support for your procedure by our team who have had the procedures ourselves and understand what its like. We will have an active presence at the hospital at most of your appointments to offer you further support. This is in addition to our already high level of customer service and knows the surgeons, dentists and our systems in place together with our partnered hospital  partners and management. 



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Group Tours in Phuket

Our Group Tours to Australia’s favourite travel destination are back!

Thailand’s most popular island is the perfect place for our Group Tours. The  proximity, the lifestyle, the people, the great food and warm weather and favourable exchange rates and the high standards of cosmetic surgery have made Phuket destination of choice with Phuket the most popular!

Join us for the ultimate girl’s trip away and the perfect opportunity for women like yourself to indulge in their cosmetic surgery procedure of choice, away from prying eyes.  All while saving money and having the support, company of other women in the same position AND NipTuck representative as a host. 


Have your cosmetic surgery or dental procedure of choice and make lifetime friendships as you recover in the paradise and escape the everyday hassles of life, family and work and recover in luxury.

Our next Group Tour to Phuket as are hosting is February 2024 and  spots are already filling up.


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