About Bali

Bali has a long had a reputation as a world-class wellness destination, with Australians and people from all around the world flocking here en mass. It has long been the quintessential beach holiday experience pre-pandemic with Bali having everything from the famous rice fields, the lush jungles and so many beaches you can go island hopping to the many smaller islands, each with it’s own attractions. There is a lot to be tempted about in Bali like the warm year round climate, the friendly locals, the fresh, health cheap food, shopping and massages and seaside yoga for us that are health-conscience as well the vibrant nightlife and party scene that goes on till early morning but you will also find peace and quiet if you want it. Now we can’t wait for it to reopen in Bali so can add the lure of low medical tourism cost Bali will be even more attractive with the well-developed hospitality and medical infrastructure in place.

Why choose Us

Why choose Bali?
Bali is known for offering a range of cosmetic surgery procedures and  performed by plastic surgeons who are well regarded internationally , most having received part of their ongoing training in the US and Europe.  Most of the surgeons and nurses speak English well, in addition to providing high quality care. This in addition to the these factors, the  country has become known as a destination for affordable cosmetic surgery and is known globally for Bali International Medical Centre.
  • Well-developed medical infrastructure and highly trained medical professionals
  • Hospitals in Indonesia are internationally accredited and equipped with the latest technology and provide high-quality medical care, with a well-trained and highly experienced fleet of doctors and nurses.
  • Many of the doctors have received their training and certification in the US, are often double-board certified and internationally experienced.
  • Internationally accredited healthcare facilities
  • JCI accredited and hospitals globally known as the “Gold Stamp” in health and medical care that provide high-tech treatments in cosmetic surgeries, and other fields.
  • Excellent services and hospitable environment and a high standard of personal care and attention is provided to patients

Taking Healthcare to Luxurious New Heights

Bali has already staked its claim as a luxury holiday destination famous for five-star signature luxury resorts, decadent health spa treatments and an approach to healthcare.
The Indonesian island couldn’t have picked a better time to get into the game with Thailand’s rise on the medical tourism scene over the last decade, Bali wants a slice of the action and has a lot to offer!
Bali is a viable alternative in the luxury healthcare in the highly competitive medical tourism market with a very high standard of medical healthcare and affordable cosmetic surgery procedures with current trends indicating that cosmetic surgery procedures combine combined with Bali’s signature luxury bringing a unique touch of luxury to the region’s healthcare industry and local hospitals people already love are a winning combination to a luxury approach to healthcare.

Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC) Nusa Dua

Nip Tuck Holidays is proud to partner with BIMC Siloam Nusa Dua, which is considered Indonesia’s first medical tourism hospital and together with Nip Tuck Holidays are pioneers of medical tourism in Bali.

The  international  facility offers dialysis treatments, surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and dental care and like most of the region’s international hospitals.  BIMC is designed to feel more like a spa or resort than a medical facility offering rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast augmentation, anti-aging procedures, surgical and non-surgical as well as dental procedures.

Hotel Partners to offer NipTuck Packages

Bali is blessed as one of the region’s safest, most popular tourist destinations, with a built-in potential to attract medical travelers. Bali has an international airport that is serviced by major international airlines as well as local regional airlines and the level of competition is such that you can usually get cheap fares making it easily accessible and cheap. The hospital is located within walking distance of luxury hotels, shopping centers, beautiful beaches and surrounded by many luxury hotels and affordable accommodation for tourists and post-op care.

  • 24h Accident & Emergency Centre
  • 24h Medical Centre
  • Dental Centre
  • Comedic Centre
  • Comedic Centre
  • Dental Centre
  • Dialysis Centre