Breast Surgery

Options in Cosmetic Surgery for Breasts (Mammoplasty)

There are three general categories of cosmetic surgery for breasts performed  (also called mammoplasty): breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction.Recently some patients concerned with ‘breast implant illness’ or the rare risk of BIA-ALCL, (breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma) have requested breast implant removal.We offer capsulectomy, where the surgeon either removes all or part of your capsule from your breast and replaces your implant or the capsule is partially removed or released.

Although the majority of patients with problems with breast implants choose to have them replaced, some patients choose to have their breast implants removed and request breast explant surgery.

Breast implant removal (or breast explant surgery) is something that should be considered carefully, as patients end up with smaller, droopier breasts. A  significant percentage of patients then require further surgery to improve the appearance of the breasts including a  breast lift , fat transfer and some  request to have breast implants reinserted 3-6 months later to redo breast augmentation.


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The most common kind of cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation, followed by the different types of breast surgery. There is a full range of breast procedures to choose from in each of our destinations and you can combine certain surgeries to suit your desired results. We offer our all of our breast surgery procedures together with luxury hotel packages for the total NipTuck breast surgery holiday experience.