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As the first medical tourism agency on the Gold Coast, begun were assisting young women wanting cosmetic surgery but out of their price range. We were the pioneers of medical tourism providing a personalized, quality service to our clients  offering breast augmentations with top internationally trained and experienced plastic surgeons including surgery, flights and 10 days of five-star accommodation for $6000.

This fuelled a  breast-enlargement boom in Asia with “Nip Tuck” holidays and began offering Group Tours to Phuket, with this concept quickly expanding across Australia to become a popular medical tourism concept and making headlines across newspapers and magazines! This phenomenon was to become the pioneers of medical tourism with cosmetic surgery is medical tourism boom

We have since provided has assisted countless women and men a range of cosmetic surgery and dental procedures together with our team of internationally accredited and experience plastic surgeons and state-of-the-art hospitals in Phuket and Bangkok.

With the growth of medical tourism industry globally, we have expanded our network to offer our more options at the top medical tourism hotspots! More competition, makes better price for our customer and an increase of high-quality dental and cosmetic surgery at affordable prices. It is our passion to provide this to our clients!

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We have an abundance of glowing testimonials, and photos of women enjoying your holidays with their faces covered in bandages after a facelift. And photos of young women who have surgery one day, then drinking cocktails by the pool with brand new assets and in bandages pain-free and happy the next!

At Nip Tuck  we know understand first-hand how you are feeling, because we have been through this ourselves. We have had surgery ourself as well as been there and have been there personally to support countless happy and repeat clients whilst they recover!

We have have a lot of experience arranging happy surgery outcomes and overall experiences for our clients. It is very important to us that our clients feel safe and supported through every stage of their medical or dental journey.

From your first inquiry to  planning every aspect of your surgery and travel, we are here to provide you with information, reassurance and support. We also have client relations manager in each destination  to our clients have a seamless experience when having plastic surgery or dental treatment. This creates the best experience for our clients whilst abroad and extra special personal attention.

Why NipTuck?

We provide  people looking for medical care overseas with personal recommendations and guidance, which we hear is what is most needed when making such a big decision when considering cosmetic surgery abroad.

We have had a huge amount of experience coordinating thousands of safe and affordable procedures with extraordinary results for our clients.  We continue to offer a high standard of healthcare to our new destinations at the world’s top medical tourism hotspots  at affordable prices to ensure our clients have the  experience-of-a-lifetime surgery.

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