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You may be aware of the increasing trend of Australians heading overseas for cosmetic surgery procedures.   Australians fly abroad each year for cosmetic surgery and dental procedures where you can save more than 60%!  These so-called “Nip Tuck” holidays are growing in popularity!

Nip Tuck Holidays is one of the pioneer medical tourism agency’s  in Australia established  in 2007.  We were the first agency on the Gold Coast to offer to Group Tours to Phuket, with this  concept quickly expanding across the East Coast of Australia to become a popular medical tourism concept and making headlines across newspapers and filling magazines!

NipTuck Holidays have strong professional partnerships and have expanded our network globally offering top medical destinations all over the world. We offer clients the entire package and experience-of-a-lifetime in addition to the highest medical standards of JCI accreditation. JCIA is known as the gold standard in medical care that meet or exceeds the set established standards in the US, but also ensuring our attention to detail in all aspects of the Nip Tuck cosmetic surgery holiday experience is indeed world-class.

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Happy Clients

We have an abundance of glowing testimonials and photos from young women who have surgery one day, then drinking cocktails by the pool with brand new assets and in bandages pain-free and happy the next!

At Nip Tuck  we know understand first-hand how you are feeling, because we have been through this ourselves. We have had surgery ourself as well as been there and have been there personally for thousands of happy and repeat clients whilst they recover. We also have client relations managers in each destination to offer professional support for our clients when having plastic surgery or dental treatment to have active presence at the hospitals and/or dental clinics for appointments, surgery, follow-ups and assistance and our hotels for client support and reassurance.   This creates the best experience for our clients whilst abroad  in addition to our already high level of customer service. 

Happy Clients

Our focus is the medical procedure and physical transformation and our company being of service to you. For most of our clients cosmetic surgery especially in a foreign country that have never been to before is something that they have you have thought about for a long time. We at Nip Tuck  understand first-hand how you are feeling, because we have been through this ourselves and have been there personally in the last 15 years for thousands of happy clients.

We are all about making the way you look on the outside match how you feel on the inside on our cosmetic surgery Nip Tuck Holidays experience-of-a-lifetime cosmetic tours. We are so happy to share many success stories of our happy clients.


The Nip Tuck Process

NipTuck offer the trip-of-a-lifetime and can present you with a personally-designed package and provide information and referrals to the best hospitals, clinics and specialists at affordable prices to suit your budget. The international private hospitals in our global network are among the most advanced, accredited and highly reputable medical facilities in the world and certified to international standards. The surgeons and specialists we refer you to are fully certified and members of all relevant professional bodies with up to 20 years of global experience in hospitals. Above all, all the surgeons are distinguished in their field and have a long history of outstanding results.


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