My experience with NipTuck Holidays

My experience with NipTuck Holidays began in 2013 when I travelled in a group tour for a breast lift and augmentation,  after being referred by a friend who had travelled the previous year. From the outset, Claire was so knowledgeable and made the process of booking everything so easy.

I had never been overseas so having surgery as well was a little nerve wracking, but my mind was at ease after having everything taken care of. Claire was available to answer any questions or concerns I had, which were few. The hospital and its facilities are world class and I had such a great experience the first time, I booked again in 2014, 1 year later for dental treatment.

Not only was I saving thousands of dollars each time, I was provided world class care and treatment by highly skilled doctors and nurses. Having been treated at many different hospitals in Brisbane, I can say that nothing compares to the facilities in Phuket. It’s now 9 years later, and I have decided to have revision surgery and more dental work. I’ve had absolutely no issues with my breasts, it’s merely a change in shape and size that I desire. I’ve unfortunately fractured the root of one of my teeth and also need fillings and crowns.

The cost in Australia is astronomical and I have chosen to have NipTuck Holidays plan this trip for me again. All I’ve had to do is provide images, travel availability and the rest has been organised for me. Claire is very down to earth and is a wealth of knowledge of the medical tourism industry as well as having long standing relationships with the hospital and their staff. I am leaving in 10 days and am so excited to be welcomed back to Phuket.


ex Brisbane to Phuket! ✈️🌍🌏⛑💉🛀🏖☀️☀️☀️👙🍉🍍🥐🍡🍹🍹🍹

Testimonials from Group:

Lani had a breast augmentation

“The entire trip blew all my expectations I had out of the water. I was amazed at the quality of the hospital and it’s staff. Everyone made me feel so comfortable, in fact, I felt like a princess.

The Dr was so warm and friendly, but also professional it took all my hesitation I may have had.

I would recommend it to anyone if they were considering any cosmetic or dental procedures. I would do it again for sure…”

Donna Pope, Upper eyelid lift by Dr Pathom

I am greatly amazed at the wonderful services provided by all staff. The hospital, doctors, hotel and not to forget the lovely drivers who transferred  us from the hospital back to the hotel.

The beautiful manners and cleanness of the Thai people amazed me.

Claire, you are a truly lovely compassionate lady, I was not once at all nervous or worried because are very calm and a professional at your job.

The upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) was pain free, with only slight bruising and swellness but is healing fast.”

Annie had an extended tummy tuck, liposuction to the hips, abdomen, back and waist, and a breast lift/ reduction and implant with Dr WitoonThis was excellent!”

Claire was outstanding, caring, lovely, truly a beautiful person who put herself out of the way to ensure everyone had a good time and their fears were alleviated before they arose.

The customer service is 1000% outstanding!”

Our Group Tour from Brisbane

The day had finally arrived and dreams were coming true for eight exited ladies all over Queensland and one from Tasmania.  Together, we were embarking on a journey-of-a-lifetime as part of the exclusive packages offered by Nip Tuck Cosmetic Surgery Holidays exclusive Medical Tourism Group Tour Package ex Brisbane.

There was an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation about the journey ahead, knowing this journey was going to change their lives!

Wow, what an awesome bunch of ladies having breast augmentations, breast lifts, breast reductions, liposuction, tummy tucks, eyelid lifts, Botox, Laser teeth whitening and dental procedures teeth cleaning, crowns and veneers.

The strength of the Medical Tourism Group Tours is having the support of other ladies in the same position, as well as me, which proved very valuable to clients in terms support and her for advice on hand for any issue that may arise.

For Carole and Donna, who were part of the tour and both partially deaf, obviously the language barrier at times proved challenging, so this support was invaluable with all communication with the hospital and hotel.

Prior to the departure, all the ladies had received their final documents with very thorough information including the medical component of the details of their procedure of choice, pre-operative advice, risks of surgery.

I was in touch daily with the ladies and available 24-7 to answer any questions or clarify any concerns including reassuring clients, husbands, mother and family members about the impeccably high medical standards of both the hospital and the surgeons in the global network, as well as the genuineness of their care and concern for all their clients.

The eastern philosophy and culture in Thailand ensures that you, as a client, are the primary concern of our surgeon and hospital. You will be made to feel like the most important person in the world, because, as a client of Nip Tuck and Bangkok Hospital, you are!

Our surgeons, hospital and we at Nip Tuck genuinely care about you, your physical and emotional needs and understand and empathize with the full emotions you are gone through, and take very seriously the trust you are placing in us. We will not let you down!!!

Day 1: Friday July 3

I was eagerly awaiting there arrival at the VIP area of Phuket airport with Maam and New, our very special hospital ground-care staff.

After an emotional greeting, our hospital staff loaded everyone’s suitcases into a mini bus, and together we went directly to the hospital for our consultations with the surgeons.

Seeing is believing- and everyone is impressed!

I love this moment, when the trust my clients placed in me was re-confirmed and my clients finally have the opportunity to see the hospital, meet their surgeons and experience the incredibly high standards of the medical and personal care we offer.

For every one of the clients, this surreal feeling combined with an overwhelming sense of relief and reassurance that this was the best decision they had ever made.

For everyone that has experienced a package hosted by Nip Tuck Holidays, all those negative thoughts and comments about the standards of medical care offered by our company were now laughable.

This view is supported by hundreds of testimonials from happy clients and the exceptional standard of results. We arrived at the hospital to the grandness of the hospital, and were warmly greeted by the hospital staff with cold towels, drinks and refreshments.

Consultation began with the surgeons at 11am. This gave our clients the opportunity to meet their surgeon and have a private and confidential chat about their procedures of choice and to have any questions answered and concerns addressed with an overwhelming sense of calmness and confidence.

We spent a long day at the hospital and were all becoming increasing tired.  The medial testing at the hospital is very thorough.

A couple of ladies were having their surgeries the next morning early so had checked into the hospital, so now everyone else was ready to venture down to Patong Beach and check into our hotel.

Everyone quickly dispersed after checking in, some dashing for a Thai massage, others mesmerized by the buzz of the town while Claire accompanied some clients and made a quick dash to the Sea Smiles Dental Clinic around the corner for a dental consultation.

Exhausted and starving and in desperate need of a cocktail by this stage, we had one more job to do before we could relax. So….we went next to get a Thai number and some credit on our phones so we could all be in touch with our families.

We arranged to meet everyone in the hotel lobby at around 6.30- 7pm. So now, everyone had the option of joining us for dinner and a drink, or doing their own thing as we headed to a glorious spot on the beach and ordered a cocktail.

It was an incredible moment as the sun set across the beach and we ordered some dinner. Finally, after a long day, we relaxed. This is the moment were all waiting for, however by this stage we were all so exhausted that the conversation wasn’t as interesting as it possibly could have been……. But already, we all sensed that were had developed a very strong bond of having this experience together and a moment we will look back on with fond memories….

I confirmed with the hospital that all Neshamah and Maggie will be ready for their multiple procedures in the morning including liposuction, tummy tucks breast lift/ augmentation/ revision and reductions and face lifts all to be performed on the ladies the next morning.

I was adamant that the ladies go down to the beach for a massage and some dinner prior to their procedures arranged for them to be back at the hospital ready for surgery bright and early the next morning, while everyone else relaxed in their hotel after dinner.

Day 2: Saturday  3rd July.

Surgeries begin…

An early morning, I accompanied Shelley, with pick-up at the hospital at 6.30am. Shelley from the Gold Coast was scheduled for a lower eyelid lift, neck lift and breast revision surgery with Dr Pongsakorn.

As we arrived at the hospital, Shelley was whisked into her room and into surgery, as I went to be with Neshamah and Maggie prior to their surgery.

For both ladies, the reality hit, making this “very surreal” experience very real. I was there for them, holding their hands and wiping away any tears reassuring them that everything was okay.

It was a great honour and a privilege to have the chance to be there for my clients in their time of need. I understand the emotional and physical process of this incredible journey, and understand it from having the surgery myself. And I think its important to also have the perspective and empathy of witnessing it through the eyes of many other clients as well as the perspective of the hospital and surgeons.

“It is a pleasure for me to support someone else.”

The clients tell me the  support is invaluable  as they were whisked into surgery…. Mostly lol.

With everyone doing well and confirmed schedule and appointments for the next day, it was now time to enjoy Phuket with some ladies.

Together we ventured out for a little shopping and exploring in spectacular  Patong, had a cuddle with a monkey on the street, then stopped for some wonderfully  delicious and cheap Thai food and some cocktails and Thai massages.

Day 3: Sunday 4th July

Donna is having her upper eyelid lift today, Patricia is having a face-lift, Carole is having a breast lift and implant and Lauren is having her some liposuction to her abdominal area along with brand new boobs involving a reduction/ lift and implant.

I am very excited another lady is arriving from the Gold Coast today and joining our tour. So, I accompanying the hospital staff and met Lani at Phuket airport.


Very excited to have Lani here!!!  I knew Lani from my gym on the Gold Coast! Together with Maam and New-our wonderful hospital ground-care staff, we went to pick her up at Phuket Airport and straight back to the hospital  for her consult with  Dr Pongsakorn and have her pre-operative tests.

Neshamah – WOW!!!! After an extended tummy tuck, liposuction to the thighs, stomach and hips, as well as breast reduction, lift and augmentation Annie looked amazing and complained a little about a headache.


Her breasts were a little tender she said she was feeling a little uncomfortable and restricted about her position and its awkwardness. That’s it!

Mentally and physically she was fine. I was amazed and so was she both physically and mentally. In fact, she complained about having a headache.

She did not look like she had just come through very major surgery thats for sure. This is a credit to her own strength and the incredible skill of Dr Witoon, coupled with the incredible post-operative care she received in the hospital.

Patricia had her pre-op tests and scheduled for surgery in the afternoon. She was scheduled for surgery at 3pm and could barely contain her excitement and patience as she tried to wait patiently in her room, watch some television and read her book, as her focus drifted….

Within a couple of days Lani was up and about and wanting to explore what Phuket had to offer. She had some friends here we caught up with and we went out to enjoy some Thai food and beer then we went for a Thai massgae, as you do.

Then had some wondered through the shops looking for the ‘secret rooms’ for some gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbags and Channel earrings and Calvin Klein knickers we simply could not resist, then back to the same little spot for more yummy food and beer with some friends from home we saw.

Day 5- Monday 5th July

The next morning I had the opportunity of meeting some clients of mine from Cairns that were there having their surgery. I had only spoken to them on the phone so it was great we had the opportunity to finally meet!

As she was whisked away, I hugged her and reassured her it would be over as soon as she knew it and I will call and check on her tomorrow.

Together with Dr Piyapas, I went to see Maggie post-op and was incredibly moved by Dr Piyapas’s very sincere compassion and empathy in his care of his patients.

He took the time to explain in detail and reassure her, as he held her had, and wiped her tears, and offered support and understanding and humanness rarely demonstrated.

I was there with Maggie as she awaited transportation back to her suite, reassuring her and mostly talking a lot to get to know her and distract her from her physical body to take her mind elsewhere……

Then  Lauren, who was off the morphine after her breast lift, reduction and implant- feeling no pain and looking perfectly well.

No problems at all- she just breezed through it!

Next was Pat, who had a face lift. Again- major complaint as a headache. Probably due to the tight compression bandages from her face lift. She had the physiotherapist with her so I left her to it and would check on her later…..

Then Carole – breast lift and implant. Off the morphine, no pain, bounced back incredible with her bright smile and gorgeous sparkle in her eye……  No pain, no problem at all.

Shelley back to the hotel for her discharge at 1pm back to the hotel. She looked and felt amazing, if a  little tired, so I advised her to rest and take it easy for the rest of the day. I on the other hand, had to make a mad dash to the Sea Smiles Dental Clinic to accompany some clients and also have some procedures for myself including crowns and teeth cleaning.

I grabbed a yummy coconut Gelato on the way home and had another Thai massage and checking on all clients at the hospital and hotel just to see how everyone was doing.

Lani was happy with the size of the implant and Maggie and  Annie who were both doing pretty well. Maggie was sounding exhausted but good.

I called Pat who sounded a hundred percent better, and Lauren who was feeling great. I told all the ladies I would see them tomorrow and get plenty of rest and take advantage of the incredible round-the-clock care they were receiving!

By this stage, everyone had lost track of days completely. It was a blur and I have to say I was completely exhausted!  A combination of the flurry of procedures, doctor’s appointments and keeping track of everyone’s process, this feeling of loss of reality was compounded.

Day 6- Tuesday July

I was up again at 5.30am, and again, the first for my big breakfast of eggs and fruit and coffee after coffeeJ  I arranged myself and Donna to be picked up from the lobby at 11am so the ladies could visit their sisters. Donna surprised me by showing up with a fabulous tattoo on her left shoulder.

As we waited in the lobby, Lauren made a surprise entrance looking amazing!

I was in awe at the brilliance of these surgeons, and continually amazed at the phenomenal recovery process of each and every one of these ladies.

Donna and I went to see Pat, who after a facelift yesterday came out of surgery with a headache due to the tight compression bandages. I spoke to her last night and I was relived to hear her sounding much better. And today different lady today, as the bandages were off, and she sprawled out on the lounge with her feet up looking fabulous!!

Bruising around to her eye area and face was to be expected, but mentally and physically-WOW!!! She was really for discharge and feeling very pleased.  She said there were heaps of people she planned to keep in touch with, but at this moment was feeling like escaping to her own private bubble and listening to her body and just detaching from the world. I completely agreed with her. After her procedures- I advised her is the perfect time to be entirely selfish and let her mind and her body rest, recover and rejuvenate!

Next, Donna and I went to see her sister Carole. So sick of her large breasts, she had a lift and implant to a smaller size which resulted in high, perfect results. She kept peaking at them, just dying to see the results. But Carole’s smile said it all- her face was beautifully lit.

So many success stories!

Next I went upstairs to see Maggie. Her flowers had arrived as a gesture of love and support from her husband Tim, and filled the room with a wonderful smell and warm glow.

Maggie was gradually feeling better- but after her extensive procedures, her recovery was to be expected. The biggest complaint for Maggie was being uncomfortable. In general, I think people don’t appreciate the freedom in their own body until this is taken away……

Her movement was severely restricted, the position uncomfortable, her appetite not completely restored. But she was looking, and sounding, and feeling better by the day.  People’s rate of recovery, the pain and discomfort they experience and the rate of healing is so different for the individual. Like everyone else that had breast work, she was dying to rip of the bandages and see the final result!

With any cosmetic/ medical procedure, there is a high degree of swelling post-operative, and the immediate results are very drastic compared with the final results after the standard 6 weeks post op. But day by day, as your body recovers from the trauma, heals naturally and rests and recovers, in the fullness of time, the results are extraordinary- no exceptions.

I went to see Annie, who was dressed in her very glamorous yet comfortable night gown looking fresh and totally amazing, with a gleam in her eye and the due satisfaction.

Everyone was very pleased with her incredibly quick recovery both mentally and physically.  Her energy was bright, with an aura of peaceful and surrounded by a healthy, orange glow.

All in all, very positive!!!  Together, Pat, Donna, Carole, Lani and I all discharged from the hospital and we taken back to the hotel.

Everyone was very keen to check into their rooms and have the space to do their own things, whether it is just relax, talk amongst themselves in private or explore the streets of Patong.

The shops were a dream, with an abundance of everything you could wish for including handbags, wallets, t-shirt. It was endless…….

 The heavy rain of the morning had stopped, and the humidity and heat was moderate. After we ate, we wondered around he shops and explored the markets, shops, and bought some Ed Harvey t-shirts and soaked in the atmosphere.

Day 6: Wednesday July 8

All procedures completely successfully- all done and checked out, apart from Maggie and Neshamah. Maggie was my primary concern at this stage, as he client who had the most intensive surgery and the one most need of my support and attention.

I spent the morning confirming schedules, appointments at the hospital for follow-ups and flexibility around all client needs.

Breakfast again at 6am and feeling very refreshed and rested after a good night sleep. So after breakfast I will call New and arrange a more suitable time.

Walked past the pool which looked way too tempting, so I grabbed my bikini and headed down for a swim and some sun for an hour .

I spent the day at the hospital with Neshamah and Maggie, catching up on emails and attending to client needs and back at the hotel by 4pm, and as I arrived back at the hotel I saw some of the ladies wandering about so I quickly dropped my things at the hotel and went out for a beer and some food and wondered around shopping…… As you do……

Checked on everyone before I fell asleep that night and fell asleep hoping the weather would be spectacular for tomorrow, as it had rained pretty much every dayJ

Day 7: Thursday July 9

The first day I have had an opportunity for a breather!!!! Because everyone had an individual process to their recovery and it is a good idea to pay it by ear according how you are feeling with any tours after surgery. Today, everyone wanted to take it easy so I went to Phi Phi Island for the first time.

It was a long and exhausting day, but WOW!!!! What a day. Pure magic!

Maggie & Neshamah  were being discharged from hospital today, so all in all, everyone’s procedures and discharges have been completed successfully, starting on follow-ups- I could try to relax today.

We were picked up and crammed into a mini bus then to a meeting point where I grabbed some flippers and snorkeling gear and some bread to feed the fish and a diet coke to try and pick me up.

The boat ride took about an hour and the first stop was Phi Phi Island.  I swum in the gloriously warm and crystal clear beach for about 20 minutes and then together with them quickly explored the island.

Next stop, Monkey Island. The tide was high so we didn’t get to stop, but stopped only inches away from these incredible monkeys in their natural environment where we could hand feed them bananas. I snapped and snapped away, getting myself labeled the “Paparazzi” by the very funny and lovely host of our tour. Oh well, I got some amazing shots!

Next we sailed to another island where I sat outside the front of the boat, snapping away and soaking in the natural beauty of the islands. Next stop, we stopped the boat and had half an hour to snorkel. I grabbed my flippers and put on my mask and jumped into the water.

As people fed the fish, I swum around and with them as they engaged in a feeding frenzy.  It was surreal and magical and truly out of this world. I felt like a mermaid surrounded and a part of this beauty of nature.

I touched the fish as they swum around me, swum wish them and in the other direction, so they swum right to me. There were thousands upon thousands of the most beautiful fish I had ever seen.  It was intensely beautiful, peaceful and magical.

Back on the boat they kept passing around delicious Thai cookies, and with a free flow of coke, 7-up, water and beer, and we were all starting to get very hungry.

Next we went to another Phi Phi Island for lunch for an hour and a half. The food was a buffet with Thai soup, and what seemed like high fat Asian cuisine. Next stop we had another bat ride to another island where we all sort of dozed a little after full bellies and the humidity.

As I awoke and we pulled into shore, my phone rung (on the island!) and I was delighted to hear from Maggie and Neshamah after their discharge from hospital and confirming plans for dinner tonight at 7.30pm.

What a day!

The wonderful host host kept us all very entertained and happy with his upbeat and genuinely lovely disposition, and we watched in awe as her made some beautifully crafted flowers out of straw. He made me one, and I offered him a tip for another one for both my beautiful girls.

Arrived back at around 5pm, where  had a bath, and got ready for dinner at 7.30pm. I was a bit early, so I went for a quick walk down to Bangla Road for a cuddle and photograph with an Iguana.

I arrived at dinner with Maggie & Neshamah and had the most glorious  feast and spectacular drag show I had ever seen. Very, very impressive.

I was in bed by around 10pm I think!!!

Final check-ups , finals and recovery and indulging in decadent Thai food and my favourite Mango, ice-cream and sticky rice desserts. I found DVDs for my kids and a couple of things before falling asleep early as usual.

Up at 5am packing, with check-out and pick-up from hotel foyer at 8am.

Due their multiple procedures, both ladies were required to stay a little bit longer. I had a tear in my eye as I left Annie. She was an absolute pleasure!

I learnt about Pat this morning. As we traveled to the airport she told me about her wonderful adventures doing  volunteer work with Mother Theresa in India.  Wow!! What an amazing woman.

It was wonderful and truly a pleasure to get to know all these amazing ladies individually, and sharing an experience that would have profoundly positive effect on heir lives.

We arrived in Singapore around lunchtime. I was so exhausted I spent the day sleeping, then went down to Chinatown to taste the local food. Shelley and Pat also relaxed and took in the sights of Singapore.


The Gold Coast Group with a stop-over ,June 2010✈️🌍🛍🛍

The group of Gold Coast ladies on Queensland’s “medical tourism group tour” all met with me at Brisbane International Airport to board the flight to Phuket for their exciting, life-changing adventure!

The flights were busy, as it seemed a lot of people in Queensland were desperate to escape our winter in the paradise of Phuket. At check-in, we received a lovely surprise that one of the ladies that myself on our group was upgraded to business class! Wow.


 What a surprise! The other ladies were happy to have each other to sit together share their expectations, dreams and get to know one the ladies that were sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We arrived in Phuket at 9.35am and went straight to the hospital for our consultations with our surgeons before checking into our hotel in Patong.


The ladies freshened up and the ladies relaxed for a while, while I went back to the airport with our amazing hospital staff to greet the second part of my group who arrived at 4.30pm- with a few more lucky ones on the group also being upgraded to business class.  Nice……

The ladies, and one boyfriend who was coming along for the ride, were all really excited about finally arriving in Phuket after months of anticipation. Sue said:

“Going overseas for surgery is daunting in itself, but the quality and care of the surgeons and staff were fantastic that I would not hesitate to recommend the to everyone.”

After they checked into their rooms we all went out together for dinner and drinks and a walk along the streets of Patong before falling into bed exhausted for an early pick-up from the hospital for consultations and surgery.

Day 2: Monday 28th June

We enjoyed a buffet breakfast together this morning, and were picked up by the hospital for our appointments with our surgeons. For some ladies- today was the day and had their consultations and surgeries this morning.

When the ladies were checked into their room, their very last minute anxiety was replaced with excitement and reassurance and trust in the high calibre of surgeons at this impressive international award-winning Bangkok Hospital Phuket. This hospital is internationally recognized as the providing the “Gold Stamp” for medical and health care providers globally. In addition to the high standard of gentle and genuine care they received from our formal international accreditation that officially recognizes the hospital’s high standards in medical and patient care meet or exceed the standards of medical facilities in the US.


Lisa said:

“I was very impressed with the hospital and the hospital staff. They were very helpful and my doctor, Dr Jib was excellent! He thoroughly explained the procedure to me and answered all of my questions promptly. I highly recommend him and will be recommending Nip Tuck Holidays to my friends and family.”


The first lady on our group surgery was already completed and ready to check out of hospital. Thrilled, and glowing with happiness at her results by which she described as “having the perfect breasts” she had always wanted. She just looked so beautiful, and so happy!


It was a lazy, rainy day and the ladies checking out of hospital and the ladies waiting not having surgery today went back to the hotel to relax for the afternoon to relax with alcohol, massages, room service & DVDs while the other ladies did some retail therapy. Tonight the girls and I headed out to watch the Muay Thai!

Day 3: Tuesday 29th June

Another surgery this morning, and everyone was recovering well and soaking up the 24/7 care they were receiving from the nurses and our hospital team.


Day 4: Wednesday 30 June

Some of the ladies were blazing the tourist track in Phuket and went to the Zoo while the others recovered well from their surgery and checked out at lunchtime spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Day 5: Thursday 1 July

As the weather drizzled, it was a lazy day of shopping, massages, room service and drinks at the bar…….  Just what the doctor ordered!

The last lady in the group was scheduled for surgery this afternoon, and one more lady checking out after spending the last 2 days recovering in luxury at our hospital, the magnificent Bangkok Hospital, Phuket. Most all of the ladies were booked for Brite Smile teeth whitening and were going to come with gleaming smiles!


Day 6 – Day 8  ( 2 July -8th July)

The days all melted into each other in this magical land, and the ladies spent their days relaxing, shopping and soaking up the beauty of the islands, unspoilt caves and villages and islands.


Surgeries done……- check


Elephant riding .. – check


Holidaying in paradise….check

8th July

Half of the group were departing Phuket today, returning home with a suitcase full of treasures, friendships, experiences and brand new assets.

9th July

The rest of us left this morning with some of the ladies suitcases almost bursting and we all boarded the flight filling out the back seat just like the cool kids on the school bus as we laughed, talked and shared stories and adventures. It was so much fun!

At our stop-over in Singapore we did some last-minute duty-free shopping on make-up and perfume and shoes, and boarded our flight home with a new vitality, confidence and memories that will last a life-time!!!!


Easter Group Tour 2011

Gold Coast Group Tour to Phuket

The day had finally arrived with a mixture of excitement, nerves and butterflies. The April Gold Coast group tour is being held over this year’s Easter time in Buddhist Thailand to symbolize the original pagan celebration of renewal and rebirth.  We are leaving the chocolate bunnies behind on this cosmetic surgery/holiday experience-of-a-lifetime to the experience of renewal and transformation.

We are off to Phuket, the land where dreams come true….

We boarded the flight, shared stories and got to know each other before a special birthday surprise from Singapore Airlines. It was Nick’s birthday tomorrow and

Nick and I were given a free upgrade to business class! Upon arrival into Phuket, we were greeted by our wonderful hospital staff Maam and Nok to the hospital.

Robyn said: “Everything Claire said about the quality of the hospital, the nursing staff and in particular the doctors were spot on. In fact, they exceeded my hopes and expectations.”



After our registration at the airport and medical tests, we then checked into our hotel the Burasari with a special night to celebrate. “Getting together at the perfect venue for dinner on the first night was very much appreciated,said Robyn.

As the full moon lit the luminous sky,  we watched the sunset over glorious Patong Beach and dined on Thai cuisine. It was a magical night.

Day 2: Surgeries begin

We had an early start to the day, with more consultations with our surgeons. Nick had his consultation with Dr Piyapas, then an appointment with a specialist. His tummy tuck and liposuction was scheduled for today, but unfortunately he had arrived in Phuket with a sinus infection. With a box full of antibiotics, his surgery would need to be delayed until he was fit and healthy for surgery.


Rachael and Kate had their consultations and surgery while Tee and Robyn had further medical testing. Tee said: “I am so happy with the overall trip from the consultation to the travel to the arrival at the hospital to the nurses, surgeon and hotel staff and of course Claire! 

It was an amazing experience. The group was wonderful and everyone was so supportive. I would recommend this company to anyone!”


The rest of the day was spent discovering the shopping in Patong Beach, Thai massages and hot oil foot massages and dinner at our hotel.

Day 3: Surgery

Tee and Robyn have surgeries today, both ladies so nervous but also so very excited! Kate had already bounced back from her breast lift and implant yesterday, off the pain killers and enjoying her book and some rest in the opulence of The Presidential Suite.

Katherine had her consultation with Dr Piyapas, and then we went back to our hotel. We shared an utterly delightful afternoon browsing the shops, indulging in some retail therapy with handbags and DVDs and then a few hours at the pool bar.

Day 3: Surgery

Robyn from the Gold Coast was recovering very well from her breast revision surgery. “Talk about confidence in your surgeon. My surgeon Dr Jib was so wonderful! He was charming, polite, and gentle and explained in detail the procedure in language that I could understand. Both serious and professional, he had a wonderful sense of humour and a lovely bedside manner. Apart from that, he is dishy.” she said. “The world is blessed for having surgeons of this caliber.”


Tee had her surgery and how did she feel? I feel I need to get up and run-I am not used to having to do nothing!” she said.” No pain at all!”

Kate is feeling great. “I am looking forward to getting out of hospital and hitting the shops and look a round she said. Together Nick, Rachael, Kate and I enjoyed dinner together at our hotel, dining on seafood, enjoyed the Thai music and dancers. Kate, Nick and Rachael kicked on exploring the shops in Patong.


Day 4: Thursday

Dental appointments, teeth whitening, follow-up appointments with the surgeons, shopping, lunch by the pool and more shopping and I  went to visit Tee, Kate and Robyn in the hospital.

7.Claire and Dr Witoon

Day 5: Good Friday

We enjoyed breakfast together before the morning, and we had a lazy day recovering, watching DVDs in the ladies rooms and exploring the shops.

Kate had her follow-up with her surgeon Dr Jib and the results? “They are just so perfect and everything that I dreamed about. I was nervous about doing it but I absolutely loved it. I had a great time!”

We dined together in our hotel restaurant, had a few cocktails, Tiger beers and fresh juice and enjoyed the freshly cooked seafood that has make Thailand a food lovers paradise.

Day 6: Easter Saturday

Lazy sleep-ins, long breakfasts and chill out time were just what the doctor ordered for this Easter weekend.  Katherine was recovering well after her breast augmentation and lift, tummy tuck and liposuction and as feeling better each day.

The rest of our group spent the day relaxing by the pool, exploring Patong Beach and this afternoon went on an adventure to the Big Buddha and explored Phuket Town markets. We had the best afternoon visiting the Big Buddha, riding the elephants and exploring the markets.


Day 7: Easter Sunday              

Our hotel of choice, the boutique Burasari resort in the heart of Patong has an exclusive tour one of the secrets of Phuket- Paradise Beach. It was a very relaxing day, as everyone did as they pleased lying by the pool, resting and getting some sun.

Then in the evening, Tee and I had a girly sleepover, ordered room service and watched DVDs…


Day 8: Easter Monday – Anzac Day

Katherine was discharged from hospital, Tee, Kate and Robyn had their follow ups and Nick had his Brite Smile teeth whitening. Robyn and Kate did Thai cooking classes at our hotel, and Tee and I helped the ladies finish the never-ending courses of the delicious Thai recipes that the ladies learnt to cook.

Katherine and I spent the afternoon being pampered in the beauty salon, as we put the finishing touches to our “Yummy mummy make-over’s” with manicures, pedicures, eyelash and hair extensions, eyebrow waxing and tints. It is beauty central in Phuket where you can have everything you want very cheap. It’s amazing what can be done in just over ten days and is definitely a must-do list after surgery so you can come home feeling like a million dollars.

Robyn said:  “The concept of a ‘medical holiday’ may seem like an oxymoron, but RBG certainly pulled it off. Claire was always ready to answer all my questions and deal with problems promptly and I especially appreciated Claire’s calm reassuring manner.”

Day 9: Easter Tuesday

We all had the buffet breakfast  together this morning, then it was off to the hospital for more follow-ups with our surgeons and dental appointments.


Wow, how quick this trip went!

We are leaving tomorrow, but we all could easily stay another week in this bubble of paradise.

Our resort The Burasari was devine!


The rest of the day was spent last minute shopping before a special dinner tonight to celebrate our last night in Phuket.  We dined on seafood, cocktails and beer, had a laugh and organized to catch up in a few months at one of the Gold Coast’s best Thai restaurants when everyone has fully recovered.

Day 10: Wednesday 27 April

It was time to go, as our flight departed Phuket airport, with a stop-over in Singapore then home. Katherine is so happy with her results. Thanks Claire for a great trip. I have had lots of positive comments from everyone when I arrived home.. I am happy, my local doctor is happy, my husband is happy. So all up, very happy!”

Home time!


Ahhhhhh the memories! ✨The Gold Coast’s “medical tourism group tour ” to Phuket – April 2010✈️🌏🏖🍹

Medical Tourism Group Tours Brisbane to Phuket!

Day 1: Monday 5th April

The day had finally arrived and the excited ladies from the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and further north of Queensland celebrated Easter with their families on Sunday, barely sleeping that evening as flitters of nervous butterflies mixed with an excitement and anticipation of their dreams coming true!

We met, bright and early at Brisbane airport at 6.30am and waived goodbye to beloved family members and children and checked in to our flight on Singapore Airlines, chatting endlessly about breasts, their expectations and shopping!

Bonding instantly through this shared adventure, we all grabbed a copy of the latest women’s gossip magazine so we could read on the flight and share amongst ourselves, did some duty free shopping and made our way down to the boarding gate and checked onto our flight.

We arrived in Phuket at about 6.30pm.We were all exhausted, and night had already fallen on Phuket where we were greeted at the airport by our wonderful hospital staff Maam and Nok.

Day 2: Tuesday 6th April

Up bright-and-early, ready for surgery!

Maree and Troy from the Sunshine Coast had also arrived in Phuket last night, after spending two weeks on holiday in Thailand. They looked tanned, relaxed and ready for the next stage of their journey beginning with a rhinoplasty this morning before dental procedures. Oh, sounded like heaven!

Claire was in the Eye Surgery Department, having all pre-operative testing done for her Lasik eye surgery. Claire had been suffering problems with her eyesight for some years and this procedure was about to change the way she saw the world! I sat with her through this testing and her consultation with her eye surgeon we waited for her time for the 30 minute procedure and chatted about the difference this would make in her life. 

Day 3: Wednesday 7th April

I began my day with Botox at 9am. It had been six months and I was keen to wipe away some years…….

Claire was picked up at her hotel by the hospital car, and I met her at the Eye Centre for her follow-up with her surgeon. Already, her eyesight has improved dramatically, and will keep improving more each day. “I can see!” she said, sending goose bumps down my spine. It was a miraculous moment.

Together we went to visit Maree after her rhinoplasty. She was quite bruised and swollen and bandaged up-  but in no pain. Claire came with me to see Tanya and Casey. Tanya was up and about, dressed, had her follow-up with her surgeon and was ready to check out. She absolutely radiated with happiness which was a mixture of sheer relief it was done as well as  happy with the results.

Casey was ecstatic, and could not resist taking her bandages early to see the results. “I have boobs!” she said, thrilled with the results and went to the salon in the hospital to have her hair done.

The ladies were discharged from the hospital and we went to our hotel to check in, relaxed for a couple of hours and refreshed, and headed out for dinner with Brooke and Troy. They have already having been in Phuket for 10 days, Brooke had a cosmetic procedure and Troy a variety if dental work done that left them gleaming!

It was a wonderful dinner, meeting new and interesting people, hearing about their lives and stories over some wonderful food and drinks after a few mocktails at the bar of our hotel!

After dinner, we went to see my favourite handbag man in Patong who always has some of the best “imitation designer original” handbags. We girls were so immersed, surrounded by handbag heaven for what seemed hours, as Troy patiently waited for us outside as he chatted to a local Thai character.

All of this less than 24 hour after surgery….

Day 4 – Thursday 8th April

We all woke up bright and early, and enjoyed our first buffet breakfast at our hotel. We also had the opportunity of meeting Lindy, who had a facelift on Saturday. We all enjoyed meeting her as we listening to her experience and getting to know her. It was great!

After breakfast, Casey, Tanya, Claire and I went for a walk to make an appointment at our dental clinic for a check-up and whitening and a Thai Sim Card, stopping for some shopping along the way……, so difficult to resist in Patong…

Day 5:  Friday 9th April

Follow-ups with the surgeons in the morning, at lunch we all ordered room service, indulging in a western lunch and delicious Thai desserts. We were all so, so full. At 1pm we were picked up in our hotel lobby for the launch of VIP personal escorted shopping tour with the International Marketing team at Bangkok Hospital and Central Management. It was a crazy three-hour spree, with everyone buying far more than they could carry home!

Day 6: Saturday 10th April

7am pick-up in the hotel lobby for Claire and me as we went to the hospital for her consultation, then surgery, with Dr Piyapas. Lindy also came to the hospital for her follow-up. It was like Patong markets in the waiting room of the Aesthetic Centre- crazy busy!

Day 7: Sunday 11th April

Visits with surgeons

Hospital visit to see Claire and follow-up visits for the ladies with their surgeons. As we waited for Claire to be discharged, we let her rest and headed to the Outlet shopping centre for more discount shopping at Brand name label. Oh the shopping in Thailand- it’s  a never ending Utopia.

It’s so hard being a girl!

Day 8: Monday 12th April

We all had breakfast together and had some appointments at our dental clinic for some teeth whitening. After our appointments we had a delicious seafood lunch and got so wet walking through the streets of Patong as Thai New Year festivities and water fights began.

Claire had her follow-up with her eye surgeon. Better than  20/ 20 vision! Claire is more than thrilled with the results. Almost impossible to believe, and over the next four weeks the specialist has informed her there will be a day by day improvement! Wow wow wow.

It’s a miracle!” she said,  “My Lasik vision correction surgery and breast augmentation was an amazing life-changing experience. One that I don’t regret and will never forget, more so because I decided to have it done in Phuket, Thailand. The quality of care and service provided by hotel and hospital staff is truly exceptional. One that needs to be seen to be believed.

 Nip Tuck Holidays and Bangkok Hospital, Phuket gave me more than a miracle. I felt in  safe and caring hands at al times before and after surgery, knowing that I had 100% made the right decision and I am more than happy with the outcome of my unreal breasts.”

Day 9: Tuesday 13th April

Songkran (Thai New Year)  begins and it is madness in the streets of Patong as the girls relaxed by the pool.

To celebrate Songkran, our hotel had  a special Thai Banquet with live entertainment. What a night!

Day 10: Wednesday 14th April

After breakfast together, the girls went on an elephant trekking tour.

Day 11: Thursday 15th April

Less than two weeks after  surgery, Lindy is simply glowing!  She said:

“I am 55 years old and have had numerous cosmetic surgeries both in Australia and Beverly Hills, California. I had bad results in both places.

Nothing compares to the excellence of my surgeon, Dr Piyapas, and the care I received at Bangkok Hospital, Phuket. I have had a face and neck lift,  brow lift and both upper and lower eyelid surgery and I am thrilled with the results.

My two weeks here have been amazing and I really wish that I didn’t have to go home! Claire works all day, every day to make sure everyone is happy and things run smoothly. Everything is so well organised for you so that your stay is truly a holiday.”

Day 12: Friday 16th April

Phi Phi Island

I finally caught up with Maree after her rhinoplasty and sparkling new smile, drunk with sheer joy of her results. Amazing!

Day 13: Saturday 17th April

What a ride! Now it was time to go home….