Group Tour to Turkey on March 30, 2022 !

Our famous Group Tours are now on in Turkey- the world’s newest medical tourism and hotspot undisputed medical tourism capital departing on March 30, 2022!

NipTuck Holidays Australia is offering our clients in Australia stunning results in the safest way at very affordable by extending our services as we re-open post-covid! Our famous Group Tours are now at the world’s newest medical tourism hotspot and Turkey’s undisputed tourism capital, beachside Antalya Turkey known as the Turkish Riviera!

Our Group Tours are the trip away and the perfect opportunity for people like yourself indulge in their cosmetic surgery procedure of choice, away from prying eyes.  Could the location be any more perfect to offer our famous Group Tours? This is world’s hottest location that is attracting medical tourists from all over the world! This city boasts pristine beaches and natural beauty, rich history with high quality medical infrastructure, top surgeons and medical teams and state-of-the-art facilities.

All while saving money and having the support, company of other women in the same position AND NipTuck representative as a host! In fact ALL of your post-op accommodation and your speciality designed meals to aid in your individual optimal post-op recovery are inclusive in your medical package. Both here in Antalya or in our partnered hospitals in Instanbul!

It is NipTuck’s our role to create the best experience for you as our client whilst in Turkey offering our client’s a huge amount of support for your procedure. This is offered of course by our professional medical team in who are empathetic and friendly, who also take the time the time to identify the best ways of improving your beautiful assets with you.

Together with our team, a NipTuck representative will be with you and by your side for additional emotional support on this experience-of-a-lifetime. We understand for a lot of our clients its the first time they have had surgery and for a lot of our clients it’s the first time they have travelled, and travelling especially really post-covid if a really big deal and we are there with you at every step!

Our team know the surgeons and medical staff and speak their language, and can explain to you in simple terms. We have also cosmetic surgery ourselves as well as hosted hundreds of group tours before and been there for clients after surgery.

We will have an active presence at the hospital at most of your appointments to offer you further support. This is in addition to our already high level of customer service and knows the surgeons, dentists and our systems in place together with our partnered hospital  partners and management.

We will also be there in your recovery for support as you heal! Antalya also Turkey’s most famous Mediterranean resort city’ for medical tourism, with phenomenal views over the sea and the mountains down the coastline! Famous for its charming nature and glamorous atmosphere , with its pristine beaches  with turquoise water, natural beauty, rich history, and modern facilities it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to recover from surgery!

Stunning Results – The Safe Way- And Affordable Prices!

Nip Tuck Holidays is a niche agency medical tourism agency and as one of the pioneers having begun in the Australian market  in 2007.  We continue to be leaders in the industry with very strong relationships with the top plastic surgeons and medical tourism industry experts across the globe and have earned a reputation as working with only the best.

And we know there are plenty of plastic surgery, plastic surgery clinics and medical tourism and travel company’s on the market, but none in the world can offer what we do! We are proud to have partnered with Klinik Europe the most convenient plastic surgery ever delivered. Klinik offers a new generation plastic surgery clinic with the safest, best results and most affordable plastic surgery in the world!

A No-Risk System

Together with our partners at Klinik, NipTuck Holidays offer a ‘No-Risk-System’ to avoid any type of major or minor complications at all costs. A unique’ Body Reference File’ is created to document every step and decision you or your physicians make. Before your surgery, a committee formed by the appointed internal MD, anaesthesiologist, and plastic surgeon of your choice will gather and identify a detailed road map for your surgery.

This roadmap will document every detail, such as the goal you want to achieve, blood consultation reports, tailored anaesthesia and waking up, and many more details.This c the day you check in until you are two months post-op. You will have regular touch-base meetings with your medical team and have priority access to our support lines during this time. We never leave anything to chance. Never. Ever.

Our Guarantee

In 15 years of working in the medical tourism industry and top plastic surgeons and hospitals overseas, I have never had one serious complication or problem. Sadly, we have all heard nightmare stories. And they are scary! I have heard more disaster stories of cosmetic surgery actually in Australia than overseas as shocking practices was exposed on Four Corners recently!!!!!

However……..because we are travelling abroad and it’s standard procedure for clients not to meet their plastic surgeons until the morning of surgery. There are many stories where busy surgeons forget to inject fat or place a wrongly sized implant or suction out less fat than you have agreed before.


We are just being honest and transparent with our clients from the beginning, and we encourage you to do your own research as well so you are totally informed and happy with your decision.

Klinik Europe prepares a body reference form that we provide to you in your NipTuck Holidays final documents and via email where you can access all of your reports and meeting notes.

It is part of our process that everything is documented during your online discussion with us and meeting minutes, including your expectations of your surgery and the recommendations of the Plastic Surgeon. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before present your surgery plan to you for approval for your surgery. This includes a committee of an Internal MD, Anesthesiologist, and your plastic surgeon gathers to discuss your surgery and healing plan.

After the surgery, you will have a signed and sealed surgery report together with your customized post-operation recovery steps. Soooooo if Klikil Europe does not give you what you agreed, there is a money back guarantee! It doesn’t get better than that!

We also provide Global Protective Solutions , a specialized medical travel benefits coverage you can trust! We have been long-term with GPS and we recommend you get a quote for your cosmetic surgery procedure because standard travel insurance does not cover it!

While the risks of medical complications from our highly qualified providers are very low,  all surgical procedures carry certain risks and complications can and do occur.  We are proud to partner with Custom Assurance Placements Ltd., who administer the Global Protective Solutions (GPS) program. 

GPS is the worldwide leader in providing risk mitigation solutions and protection benefits specifically for international medical travelers. The Global Protective Solutions programs have been protecting international medical and dental travelers and their travel companions since 2008. You can get a quote or more information here:

We have had a huge amount of valuable experience coordinating thousands of safe and affordable procedures with extraordinary results for our clients and we continue to offer first-class luxury healthcare to class at affordable prices. Now a money back guarantee…..

Money back guarantee and fly back insurance! What more do you want?

I received a mommy makeover that included a tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation, 360 liposuction and buttock augmentation. I was initially nervous about having any type of body reconstruction, but after meeting with Klinik Europe and Dr. Bora, I felt they would do an excellent job, and I was correct.

The clinic’s and the doctor’s bedside manner are just superb, and they performed such an outstanding job with my mommy makeover. I’m still recovering, but it appears to be healing nicely. If you’re unsure, go to Klinik Europe; I’m confident you’ll be completely happy. I did a lot of research before deciding on Klinik Europe, and I’m pleased I did. Thank you for making me feel secure and protected.

Group Package Sample Itinerary

NipTuck Holidays have hosted Cosmetic Holidays Group Tours since 2008, and for our first Group Tour to Antalya post-covid together with our hospital partners at Klinik Europe we have prepared a sample itinerary to give you some insight into what to expect!

Day 1:

Day of Departure: We have inquires from men and women from all over Australia! We will be arranging the domestic travel to join us to depart Sydney airport to together travel to Turkey for this incredible cosmetic surgery experience-of-a-lifetime!

Day 2:

Landing in Antalya: Our Klinik Europe driver will pick us up from the airport. Our drivers are English speakers and there is no language barrier. She or he will be taking you to your hotel and our hospital staff will meet us at reception where we can refresh and rest for the night.

Day 3:

Surgery Day – Blood Tests and meeting with your surgeon/s in the morning, I will be taking you from the hotel to the hospital for your surgery. I will be on your side in the recovery room when you are out of the surgery.

After you wake up, you will be transferred to your room and I will be be checking on all of you. with you. A Klinik Europe nurse will join you for your night stay. You are expected to stay for 6 nights.Your surgeon or our head of surgery Dr. Eren Sahin will come and check on you daily.

Day 4:

Surgery post-op Your surgeon will come and check on you today. If he clears you for discharge, then you will be discharged and taken to hotel recovery. There, your nurse will be waiting for you and available for your medical needs 24/7. If you need an additional day in hospital that is included at no extra price.

Day 5:

Hotel day 2 A nurse will visit daily to check up , change any dressings and address medical needs. If there is a need for the surgeon he is available 24/7 and NipTuck is available to you 24/7 right next door!

Day 6:

Recovery Day 3 After the nurse visit as we are starting to feel a little better after everyone recovers, Antalya has many options that won’t dissapoint so we are heading out firstly to have a look a around at the beautiful beaches and Old town (Kaleici) in Antalya, Turkey.

Day 7:

Recovery Day 4. After the daily nurse visit and check up we can go into town to Lara Street Market. Antalya’s biggest street bazaar (known as pazar in Turkish). There are stalls selling clothing, jewellery, accessories, bags, and souvenirs, as well as fresh produce, herbs, and ready-made foods. This is definitely the place to go if you’re a passionate bargain hunter or just want to mingle with the locals who are doing their bulk buying on a sunny afternoon.

Day 8:

Recovery 5 After the nurse visit for a historic experience, we are heading over to this old, beautiful and covered bazaar from the late 15th century that is just north of Antalya’s old town, Kaleiçi. It’s a great place to find handmade souvenirs, and make sure you visit the jewelers, copper workshops, and metalwork craftsmen, as well as the merchants selling beautiful textiles, Iznik style tiles, and spices.

Day 9:

Recovery 6 Normally you can leave on Day 9 to go back home, after you are cleared for travel after your plastic surgeon. You will be given postop instructions for when you are back home  and a medical priority line will be given to you in case you have some questions when you return. You will be handed your complete medical file including the list, details and results of every medical procedure that was performed.

As this magical experience in Turkey is coming to an end, we are saying goodbye to Turkey with our hearts full of new experience , our suitcases full of new treasures and new friendship make through shared experiences that will last a lifetime!

For so many of our clients choosing to have cosmetic surgery abroad is such a big decision and we understand that at NipTuck! That is why we have partnered with Klinik Europe and together offered Group Tours ex Australia for the extra support. You now how the cosmetic surgery of your dreams as well as the holiday of a lifetime, we look forward to you joining us for April and August dates in 2022. Here what some of Klinik Europe client’s have said!

This was something I have wanted for a long time. I did extensive research to find the best doctor and clinic in Turkey. My doctor at Klinik Europe was amazing from start to finish. I had 100’s of questions before and after surgery and never once did I feel like I was being a ‘bother’. I am almost 1 year post op now. I still can’t believe this is MY body. I haven’t had a flat tummy and perky boobs since high school. Many thanks to Dr.Bora, Jennifer, Clara, Beker and my lovely nurses from the bottom of my heart for making me feel at ease and comforting me during my recovery.

I had a rhinoplasty with Klinik Europe on 8/21 and had an amazing experience. Wonderfully hosted by the team. Food, recovery hotel and aftercare were far beyond my expectations. Medical attention and aftercare made me feel that I am unique and privileged. It is the best thing I ever did! I was so self-conscious of my nose and would never take photos from the side. I literally could not be happier with the outcome and it made such a great difference on my face. I would say of all the surgeries people of had rhinoplasty state that it’s definitely the best thing I’ve ever done for themselves. Go with Klinik Europe and ask for Dr. Enez.

Our exclusive tours are the ultimate holiday surgery experience where you escape and leave behind the the everyday hassles of life, family and work to recover with the extra support and friendship that will make this the experience-of-a-lifetime. All while making friends for life!

Interested in more information? We would love to have you join us! Inquire now as spots are limited, inquire here for an online quote:



Medical Tourism in Turkey

Published in the International Business Times


By IBT Contributor on 10/21/21 at 4:34 pm edit

Medical tourism in Turkey is one of the driving forces behind its economy as thousands of patients flood the international clinics and hospitals in Turkey every year all year round to undergo different treatments.

The various treatments that foreign patients look for in Turkey include simple non-surgical treatments to the most invasive surgical and medical treatments.

Beautiful view on Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

Why is Medical Tourism in Turkey Popular?

Turkey has a unique geographical location, especially its most famous city Istanbul, which is only a three hours flight from most of the capitals in the world.

Istanbul has gained an irrefutable reputation in the field of medical tourism because of many factors including:

  • Advanced medical techniques and the newest technologies are used in different medical fields.
  • Well-trained and experienced doctors, nurses, physicians, and others working in the medical field.
  • Price may be one of the most effective factors when it comes to the increasing number of foreign patients who choose medical tourism in Turkey.

The cost of treatments, as well as the cost of living in Turkey, is low when compared to different European countries, the USA, or Canada (incl. Australia and the UK) 

  • Hospitals and clinics that are built and operated according to the best European standards.
  • It is easy to acquire a visa to visit Turkey for most nationalities.

What are the Fields of Medical Tourism in Turkey?

As we mentioned earlier foreign patients come to Turkey seeking many treatments, the most popular of which are:

  • Hair transplantation:

Istanbul is the first destination when it comes to hair transplantation. There are hundreds of hair transplantation clinics that provide their patients with natural results and perform this procedure using different techniques and the latest discoveries in the field.

  • Dental Treatments:

Turkey became among the most famous medical tourism destinations in the field of dental treatments because of the high quality of the materials used in the treatments on the one hand, and the affordable cost of these treatments on the other.

International dental clinics, welcomes thousands of patients every year to have dental implants, dentures, or Hollywood smile treatments among many other dental treatments that are less costly than most of the European countries.

  • Plastic Surgery:

Plastic surgery is one of the beams that hold medical tourism in Turkey. Turkey is among the top ten countries in the world in this field. Patients choose Turkey to have their plastic surgery due to the affordable pieces, high-quality services, accredited hospitals, and clinics.

Prices of treatments, hotels, and other expenses in Turkey are cheaper by 60% to 80% when compared with other different countries especially North America, Canada the UK and Australia.

Dental medical tourism in Turkey witnessed a leap in the number of foreign patients who choose Turkey as the destination for receiving dental treatments. Clinics like Dentakay welcomed thousands of dental patients during the past months who came to Turkey to have dental treatments and spend their vacations in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul.

It is worth mentioning that the number of medical tourism patients in Turkey in 2019 was 551,748 patients with 2 billion US dollars in revenues. The expected revenue of medical tourism in Turkey by 2023 is 20 billion US dollars according to some Turkish officials who anticipate an increase in the number of patients who choose Turkey as a destination for leisure, business, and medical tourism.


Confirmed: Australia’s international border will reopen from mid-November

These changes mean there will be no travel restrictions if you are a vaccinated Australian entering or leaving the nation’s shores.

Morrison also said the government is working towards completely quarantine-free travel for certain countries, such as New Zealand when it is safe to do so.

It will also become easier to enter Australia with the plan abolishing international arrival caps on returning vaccinated Australians.

Citizens and permanent residents fully immunised with a vaccine approved or recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) will be required to undergo seven days’ home quarantine.

Others will be required to enter 14 days of managed isolation.

After more than 18 months of being shuttered, PM Scott Morrison has confirmed today that Australia’s border will officially reopen to inbound and outbound international travel from mid-November in states that have hit vaccination targets.

You heard it here. It’s finally happening.

Australia’s tough outbound border restrictions will be scrapped when states and territories are expected to hit 80 per cent double-dose vaccination coverage.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday revealed the path back to international travel with the new system expected to start in November.

“There are no surprises here, this is what we set out to do,” said Morrison.

“Australia will be ready for take-off very soon.”

Restrictions on people leaving the country will be scrapped at 80 per cent coverage – expected in early November in some jurisdictions.

Current overseas travel restrictions will be removed and Australians will be able to travel subject to any other travel advice and limits, as long as they are fully vaccinated and those countries’ border settings allow.

These changes mean there will be no travel restrictions if you are a vaccinated Australian entering or leaving the nation’s shores.

Morrison also said the government is working towards completely quarantine-free travel for certain countries, such as New Zealand when it is safe to do so.

It will also become easier to enter Australia with the plan abolishing international arrival caps on returning vaccinated Australians.

Citizens and permanent residents fully immunised with a vaccine approved or recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) will be required to undergo seven days’ home quarantine.

Others will be required to enter 14 days of managed isolation.

Home quarantine face recognition

People who cannot be vaccinated including those under 12 or with a medical condition will be treated as vaccinated for the purposes of their travel.

States and territories will begin this program at different times given varying vaccination rates.

Australian travellers will be able to access an internationally recognised proof of vaccination document (Vaccine passport) in the coming weeks to prove their status.

The TGA will also recognise China’s Sinovac and Covishield produced in India as authorised vaccines to enter Australia, meaning Chinese and Indian students, tourists and business travellers can return.

More than 45,000 people are stuck overseas waiting to come home with the NSW government indicating it wants to welcome thousands into the country when borders reopen.

“It’s time to give Australians their lives back,” Mr Morrison said.

More to come.

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Turkey is one of the top destinations for medical tourism. Home to ancient and scenic natural wonders and famous for its healthcare infrastructure. Being close to Western Europe, Turkey has been medical tourism hotspot for many Europeans seeking affordable cosmetic surgery. Hair transplaint’s have continuously gaining popularity. 

There are many reasons why Turkey has become the rising star of medical tourism. The travelling distances to Turkey from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa, makes it possible for people to cut costs. But it isn’t just about that. Despite the lower costs, the quality of procedures offered is world-class. 

Famous Kaputaş beach,Antalya Turkey an hour from Istanbul.

Affordable Treatment Packages

The medical tourism industry recieved $1.5 billion from medical tourism in 2018, Turkey received around 700,000 medical tourists, according to the Turkish Health Minister. And it has been growing every year since, with the huge influx of medical tourists is that many people in their home countries are unable to afford the treatment. That is why they consider going to other countries to get the same procedure done.

The quality of the procedure offered isn’t sacrificed because of the lower cost. The cost is low because of the Turkish economy itself. The exchange rate and low cost of living make many things seem very cheap to foreigners. 

Moreover, the minimum wage is lower in Turkey, which results in cheaper labour costs. This means that surgery in Turkey will cost less than it will, say, in Western Europe. Moreover, having cosmetic surgery or a hair transplant is not available on National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. 

No Long Wait Lists

Once you book a treatment package in Turkey, you can get the procedure done in a matter of a day(s). However, in the UK, waitlists can be so long that you might have to wait for almost 2 years to get some procedures done. So, if you want to get treatment without further delays, you can get it in Turkey. 

Many people also find the aspect of including the procedure in their vacation time quite appealing. Turkey is a popular tourist destination, which is why many people can relax after or before getting their treatment. If you’re also avoiding unnecessary questions about the surgery by your colleagues, it’s a good idea to get the treatment and recover for a while in Turkey.

The Gold Coast Group with a stop-over ,June 2010✈️🌍🛍🛍

The group of Gold Coast ladies on Queensland’s “medical tourism group tour” all met with me at Brisbane International Airport to board the flight to Phuket for their exciting, life-changing adventure!

The flights were busy, as it seemed a lot of people in Queensland were desperate to escape our winter in the paradise of Phuket. At check-in, we received a lovely surprise that one of the ladies that myself on our group was upgraded to business class! Wow.


 What a surprise! The other ladies were happy to have each other to sit together share their expectations, dreams and get to know one the ladies that were sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We arrived in Phuket at 9.35am and went straight to the hospital for our consultations with our surgeons before checking into our hotel in Patong.


The ladies freshened up and the ladies relaxed for a while, while I went back to the airport with our amazing hospital staff to greet the second part of my group who arrived at 4.30pm- with a few more lucky ones on the group also being upgraded to business class.  Nice……

The ladies, and one boyfriend who was coming along for the ride, were all really excited about finally arriving in Phuket after months of anticipation. Sue said:

“Going overseas for surgery is daunting in itself, but the quality and care of the surgeons and staff were fantastic that I would not hesitate to recommend the to everyone.”

After they checked into their rooms we all went out together for dinner and drinks and a walk along the streets of Patong before falling into bed exhausted for an early pick-up from the hospital for consultations and surgery.

Day 2: Monday 28th June

We enjoyed a buffet breakfast together this morning, and were picked up by the hospital for our appointments with our surgeons. For some ladies- today was the day and had their consultations and surgeries this morning.

When the ladies were checked into their room, their very last minute anxiety was replaced with excitement and reassurance and trust in the high calibre of surgeons at this impressive international award-winning Bangkok Hospital Phuket. This hospital is internationally recognized as the providing the “Gold Stamp” for medical and health care providers globally. In addition to the high standard of gentle and genuine care they received from our formal international accreditation that officially recognizes the hospital’s high standards in medical and patient care meet or exceed the standards of medical facilities in the US.


Lisa said:

“I was very impressed with the hospital and the hospital staff. They were very helpful and my doctor, Dr Jib was excellent! He thoroughly explained the procedure to me and answered all of my questions promptly. I highly recommend him and will be recommending Nip Tuck Holidays to my friends and family.”


The first lady on our group surgery was already completed and ready to check out of hospital. Thrilled, and glowing with happiness at her results by which she described as “having the perfect breasts” she had always wanted. She just looked so beautiful, and so happy!


It was a lazy, rainy day and the ladies checking out of hospital and the ladies waiting not having surgery today went back to the hotel to relax for the afternoon to relax with alcohol, massages, room service & DVDs while the other ladies did some retail therapy. Tonight the girls and I headed out to watch the Muay Thai!

Day 3: Tuesday 29th June

Another surgery this morning, and everyone was recovering well and soaking up the 24/7 care they were receiving from the nurses and our hospital team.


Day 4: Wednesday 30 June

Some of the ladies were blazing the tourist track in Phuket and went to the Zoo while the others recovered well from their surgery and checked out at lunchtime spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Day 5: Thursday 1 July

As the weather drizzled, it was a lazy day of shopping, massages, room service and drinks at the bar…….  Just what the doctor ordered!

The last lady in the group was scheduled for surgery this afternoon, and one more lady checking out after spending the last 2 days recovering in luxury at our hospital, the magnificent Bangkok Hospital, Phuket. Most all of the ladies were booked for Brite Smile teeth whitening and were going to come with gleaming smiles!


Day 6 – Day 8  ( 2 July -8th July)

The days all melted into each other in this magical land, and the ladies spent their days relaxing, shopping and soaking up the beauty of the islands, unspoilt caves and villages and islands.


Surgeries done……- check


Elephant riding .. – check


Holidaying in paradise….check

8th July

Half of the group were departing Phuket today, returning home with a suitcase full of treasures, friendships, experiences and brand new assets.

9th July

The rest of us left this morning with some of the ladies suitcases almost bursting and we all boarded the flight filling out the back seat just like the cool kids on the school bus as we laughed, talked and shared stories and adventures. It was so much fun!

At our stop-over in Singapore we did some last-minute duty-free shopping on make-up and perfume and shoes, and boarded our flight home with a new vitality, confidence and memories that will last a life-time!!!!


Easter Group Tour 2011

Gold Coast Group Tour to Phuket

The day had finally arrived with a mixture of excitement, nerves and butterflies. The April Gold Coast group tour is being held over this year’s Easter time in Buddhist Thailand to symbolize the original pagan celebration of renewal and rebirth.  We are leaving the chocolate bunnies behind on this cosmetic surgery/holiday experience-of-a-lifetime to the experience of renewal and transformation.

We are off to Phuket, the land where dreams come true….

We boarded the flight, shared stories and got to know each other before a special birthday surprise from Singapore Airlines. It was Nick’s birthday tomorrow and

Nick and I were given a free upgrade to business class! Upon arrival into Phuket, we were greeted by our wonderful hospital staff Maam and Nok to the hospital.

Robyn said: “Everything Claire said about the quality of the hospital, the nursing staff and in particular the doctors were spot on. In fact, they exceeded my hopes and expectations.”



After our registration at the airport and medical tests, we then checked into our hotel the Burasari with a special night to celebrate. “Getting together at the perfect venue for dinner on the first night was very much appreciated,said Robyn.

As the full moon lit the luminous sky,  we watched the sunset over glorious Patong Beach and dined on Thai cuisine. It was a magical night.

Day 2: Surgeries begin

We had an early start to the day, with more consultations with our surgeons. Nick had his consultation with Dr Piyapas, then an appointment with a specialist. His tummy tuck and liposuction was scheduled for today, but unfortunately he had arrived in Phuket with a sinus infection. With a box full of antibiotics, his surgery would need to be delayed until he was fit and healthy for surgery.


Rachael and Kate had their consultations and surgery while Tee and Robyn had further medical testing. Tee said: “I am so happy with the overall trip from the consultation to the travel to the arrival at the hospital to the nurses, surgeon and hotel staff and of course Claire! 

It was an amazing experience. The group was wonderful and everyone was so supportive. I would recommend this company to anyone!”


The rest of the day was spent discovering the shopping in Patong Beach, Thai massages and hot oil foot massages and dinner at our hotel.

Day 3: Surgery

Tee and Robyn have surgeries today, both ladies so nervous but also so very excited! Kate had already bounced back from her breast lift and implant yesterday, off the pain killers and enjoying her book and some rest in the opulence of The Presidential Suite.

Katherine had her consultation with Dr Piyapas, and then we went back to our hotel. We shared an utterly delightful afternoon browsing the shops, indulging in some retail therapy with handbags and DVDs and then a few hours at the pool bar.

Day 3: Surgery

Robyn from the Gold Coast was recovering very well from her breast revision surgery. “Talk about confidence in your surgeon. My surgeon Dr Jib was so wonderful! He was charming, polite, and gentle and explained in detail the procedure in language that I could understand. Both serious and professional, he had a wonderful sense of humour and a lovely bedside manner. Apart from that, he is dishy.” she said. “The world is blessed for having surgeons of this caliber.”


Tee had her surgery and how did she feel? I feel I need to get up and run-I am not used to having to do nothing!” she said.” No pain at all!”

Kate is feeling great. “I am looking forward to getting out of hospital and hitting the shops and look a round she said. Together Nick, Rachael, Kate and I enjoyed dinner together at our hotel, dining on seafood, enjoyed the Thai music and dancers. Kate, Nick and Rachael kicked on exploring the shops in Patong.


Day 4: Thursday

Dental appointments, teeth whitening, follow-up appointments with the surgeons, shopping, lunch by the pool and more shopping and I  went to visit Tee, Kate and Robyn in the hospital.

7.Claire and Dr Witoon

Day 5: Good Friday

We enjoyed breakfast together before the morning, and we had a lazy day recovering, watching DVDs in the ladies rooms and exploring the shops.

Kate had her follow-up with her surgeon Dr Jib and the results? “They are just so perfect and everything that I dreamed about. I was nervous about doing it but I absolutely loved it. I had a great time!”

We dined together in our hotel restaurant, had a few cocktails, Tiger beers and fresh juice and enjoyed the freshly cooked seafood that has make Thailand a food lovers paradise.

Day 6: Easter Saturday

Lazy sleep-ins, long breakfasts and chill out time were just what the doctor ordered for this Easter weekend.  Katherine was recovering well after her breast augmentation and lift, tummy tuck and liposuction and as feeling better each day.

The rest of our group spent the day relaxing by the pool, exploring Patong Beach and this afternoon went on an adventure to the Big Buddha and explored Phuket Town markets. We had the best afternoon visiting the Big Buddha, riding the elephants and exploring the markets.


Day 7: Easter Sunday              

Our hotel of choice, the boutique Burasari resort in the heart of Patong has an exclusive tour one of the secrets of Phuket- Paradise Beach. It was a very relaxing day, as everyone did as they pleased lying by the pool, resting and getting some sun.

Then in the evening, Tee and I had a girly sleepover, ordered room service and watched DVDs…


Day 8: Easter Monday – Anzac Day

Katherine was discharged from hospital, Tee, Kate and Robyn had their follow ups and Nick had his Brite Smile teeth whitening. Robyn and Kate did Thai cooking classes at our hotel, and Tee and I helped the ladies finish the never-ending courses of the delicious Thai recipes that the ladies learnt to cook.

Katherine and I spent the afternoon being pampered in the beauty salon, as we put the finishing touches to our “Yummy mummy make-over’s” with manicures, pedicures, eyelash and hair extensions, eyebrow waxing and tints. It is beauty central in Phuket where you can have everything you want very cheap. It’s amazing what can be done in just over ten days and is definitely a must-do list after surgery so you can come home feeling like a million dollars.

Robyn said:  “The concept of a ‘medical holiday’ may seem like an oxymoron, but RBG certainly pulled it off. Claire was always ready to answer all my questions and deal with problems promptly and I especially appreciated Claire’s calm reassuring manner.”

Day 9: Easter Tuesday

We all had the buffet breakfast  together this morning, then it was off to the hospital for more follow-ups with our surgeons and dental appointments.


Wow, how quick this trip went!

We are leaving tomorrow, but we all could easily stay another week in this bubble of paradise.

Our resort The Burasari was devine!


The rest of the day was spent last minute shopping before a special dinner tonight to celebrate our last night in Phuket.  We dined on seafood, cocktails and beer, had a laugh and organized to catch up in a few months at one of the Gold Coast’s best Thai restaurants when everyone has fully recovered.

Day 10: Wednesday 27 April

It was time to go, as our flight departed Phuket airport, with a stop-over in Singapore then home. Katherine is so happy with her results. Thanks Claire for a great trip. I have had lots of positive comments from everyone when I arrived home.. I am happy, my local doctor is happy, my husband is happy. So all up, very happy!”

Home time!


Medical Tourism in Mexico 2021

Prepping for Procedures After the Covid-19 Pandemic

Located south of California on the Baja Peninsula, Tijuana, Mexico boasts a Mediterranean climate that attracts millions of visitors each year. In fact, the city’s border between the United States and Mexico is one of the most heavily crossed borders one in the world.

Some travel to Tijuana for the stunning two miles of beaches that comprise its westernmost borough, Playas de Tijuana. What you might not know, though, its that the city is a prime destination for medical tourism as the most famous places in the world at a fraction of the cost in the US and Australia starting around $4,350 US or $5,850 AUD!

It is just one of our many destinations in Mexico including Lake Chapala in Jalisco and when our clients to ask “where is the best plastic surgery for gastric sleeve in Mexico?” and we are able to personally know the surgeon and best safe option available and inform the customer and provide options, both the physician is board certified in a specialty and the hospital is nationally certified.

We are proud to have strong professional relationships and a Strategic Alliance with the Medical Tourism Congress of Mexico and the Mexican Council of the Medical Tourism Industry in the Mexico Congress for International Medical Tourism.

Mexico is among the most trusted countries for plastic surgery and has been ranked 4th most popular in the world thanks to its excellence and experience in this field of medicine Mexico is one of the world’s top destinations for travellers looking to have medical and dental work done with Americans’, Canadians and more and more Australian’s traveling to Mexico for a high standard of medical care at affordable prices for procedures such as surgical weight loss, bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, medical and dental care.

As one of the pioneer medical tourism agencies in Australia- we have been there was there from the start of the boom and have forged very strong relationships with the top Plastic Surgeons in Plastics in Thailand, as have earned a good a reputation as working with only the best.

This reputation continues with our world-class hospital and surgical team in Mexico, and our strategic partnership with Mexican Tourism and partnering with only the best Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Bariatric Surgeons, and hotels delivering both Individual Packages and Group Tour Packages for cosmetic and surgical weight loss with the number 1 spot in the world is Tijuana, Mexico and a trusted source of information with our team of hospitals and Plastic Surgeons be sure to exceed your expectations.

As the industry changes globally, as one of the founding agencies in Australia, we are building on the world-class relationships and medical services we offer our clients with brand new destinations in 2020. We are different from what is already on the market as we are a niche agency and the only Australian agency with strong relationships with our hospital partners in Mexico and we excited about 2021!

Curtailed Costs in a Growing Market

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development defined  medical tourism as consumers travelling across international borders with the intention of receiving some form of medical treatment.

Consumers choose medical tourism for a variety of reasons, the primary of which is cost savings. Some people may also be surprised to know that also one of the most important factors include being able to able to access the services of internationally recognised Plastic Surgeons renowned as best in their field, the best in their field, who perform thousands of surgeries per year.

All are Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, the pinnacle of professionalism, able to provide clients with outstanding surgical experience and results who aim to exceed their client expectations . This is in addition to often US Board Certified as well as Certified in their own country at a very high level as well as certification from ISAPS (the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

Most of the hospitals we work with also have achieved JCI accreditation. This officially recognise the hospital as being a centre for medical excellence and the hospitals high standards in medical, health and patience care meet or exceed the standards of medical facilities set in the US.

According to Patients Beyond Borders (PBB), medical travelers save from 20-80 percent on treatments when compared to the U.S. Those getting procedures done in Mexico save approximately 40-65 percent. This cost difference often is substantial, especially for cosmetic surgery, which is typically not covered by insurance.

An estimated 14 million people travel each year internationally for medical treatment, or did pre-covid in 2020, making the medical tourism industry worth approximately $45-$72 billion dollars.

The global market is expected to rebound and exceed $135 billion by 2024 with the cosmetic surgery segment projected to generate a revenue of around $31 million by 2026. 

Those who plan on travelling to Mexico or another country this year for a medical procedure, though, will most likely benefit from reduced costs, including cheaper airfare and promotions by hotels and our agency with hotels to offer deal in 2021 after the pandemic. In an effort to boost the medical tourism industry, some insurance companies have even started covering costs of procedures outside the U.S. – not sure if insurance companies in Australia also offer this you could check with your insurance company to see if they offer this service.

Why Book with Us?

We are different from what is already on the market as we are a niche agency and the only Australian agency with strong relationships with our hospital partners in Mexico.

We are proud to have strong professional relationships and a Strategic Alliance with the Medical Tourism Congress of Mexico and the Mexican Council of the Medical Tourism Industry in the Mexico Congress for International Medical Tourism. Mexico is among the most trusted countries for plastic surgery and has been ranked 4th most popular in the world thanks to its excellence and experience in this field of medicine Mexico is one of the world’s top destinations for travelers looking to have medical and dental work done with Americans’, Canadians and more and more Australian’s traveling to Mexico for a high standard of medical care at affordable prices for procedures such as surgical weight loss, bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, medical and dental care.

It is essential to deal with a medical tourism agency post-covid to you understand the new rules going forward insure you have covid benefits included  in your medical tourism coverage when booking your medical tourism as certain countries will require it. More information here or get a quote:

Planning for Procedures

If you’re planning on being part of the burgeoning medical tourism market next year of the year after, there are some steps you can take to help mitigate your risk of contracting the novel coronavirus while traveling.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention   (CDC) recommends the following tips for protecting yourself and others during your trip: clean your hands often; avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth; void close contact with others; wear a cloth face covering in public; cover coughs and sneezes; and pick up food at drive-throughs, curbside restaurant service or stores.

When international travel and medical tourism become more frequent once again, there are some additional measures you should take to ensure you receive a high quality of care from a reputable healthcare provider. Most of all, do your research, and put your safety first.

  • Pick the correct procedure. Know what the treatment you want entails, the benefits it offers and any corresponding risks. Be aware of any possible complications.
  • Choose a trained specialist. Find a medical tourism or other healthcare provider who is board-certified and trained in the specialty in which you’re planning to receive care. If you’re planning to visit a clinic or hospital, has employees who speak your language. If possible, as to talk with one of our other patients who have undergone the same procedure.

  • Provide your correct medical history on the medical forms we provide. Include all of medical conditions you have and what medication(s) you take. Be sure you’re up-to-date on any necessary vaccinations and other immunizations.
  • Know what to expect. Ask about how you expect the procedure to affect you and what side effects you might experience. Be informed about your estimated recovery time and any corresponding travel restrictions after the treatment.
  • Make contingency plans. Develop a strategy for dealing with unplanned changes in your trip, including those due to bad weather, accommodation problems and travel documentation issues.
  • Find a healthcare provider for follow-up. Before you travel to another country for a medical procedure, arrange for follow-up care with your primary care physician or another provider who has knowledge of the specific treatment you’re planning to receive.
  • Ask about insurance. Although not all insurance companies provide coverage for medical care received outside the U.S., some pay for post-procedure care. More information here or get a quote:

World Plastic Surgery Day

July 15 is World Plastic Surgery Day. This branch of medical science is often looked down upon for its frivolous nature, as a means of enhancing what one does not possess naturally and many consider it to be going against nature. But plastic surgery is not just restricted to making you beautiful, it has other purposes too.

What is plastic surgery and how does it benefits the human race?

Plastic surgery is not just cosmetic surgery, and cosmetic surgery is not just a frivolous, narcissistic unnecessary selfish choice to change a part of your body or improve your body image.

It originated in ancient India (600 BC) when master surgeon Shusruta started making noses out of forehead skin using an amazingly ingenious technique. This technique is still used in modern plastic surgery to reconstruct noses.

Plastic surgery has two broad divisions reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery. These are not mutually exclusive and very often a patient will end up needing both to achieve the best results.

Reconstructive surgery as the name suggests is designed to take a damaged area and repair it to bring it closer to normal form and function. It is needed in cases of birth defects, trauma, infections or cancers which have destroyed the skin and tissues, and uses techniques like skin grafts (where skin is taken from one area of the body and transplanted to another) or skin and tissue flaps (where a piece of skin with soft tissue, muscle, nerves or bone is transplanted from one area of the body to the other).

Common examples of reconstructive plastic surgery are management and repair of cleft lips, burns, accidental wounds or tissue defects left after cutting out cancerous tissue.

Cosmetic surgery is designed to take you from the normal to the beautiful. Beauty is a very deep-seated concept in the human mind. The need to wear ornaments, make-up, nice clothes and other accessories has been present right from the caveman days, and is a reflection of ‘the need to be seen’ that is so critical to humans.

Common examples of cosmetic surgery are reshaping or enhancement of the nose, breast, tummy and buttocks. While in most instances cosmetic surgery will create a better form, it can also improve function like improved breathing after nose jobs, reduced neck pain after breast reduction or improved hygiene after the loose hanging skin is taken away in a tummy tuck.

Plastic surgery therefore is a very important service that caters to human needs at all levels, improving form and function and bringing normality and joy to the patients and improving their self-esteem and quality of life.

Plastic Surgery 2020 – The HOT Trends in Cosmetic Surgery!

1. COSMETIC INJECTIONS will reach greater levels of capability – and increase in popularity.

Snapshot: There will be an increase in requests for non-surgical options before people progress to surgery.  There will also be an improvement in what injectable treatments and dermal fillers can do for facial feature sculpting.
More people are realising what cosmetic injections can do for their facial appearance. They are affordable, accessible and this non-surgical option is painless and used by women in their 20s through to 30s and in their 40s, delaying surgical procedures such as eyelid surgery and facelifts for longer.  We also expect an increase in combined procedures that involve surgical and non-surgical options performed closely together in time, to to see this trend to continue with the new technology and  filler injection options and techniques and features that can greatly enhance the face.
This year, it’s all about the diversity of products and techniques and non-surgical options will be a starting point before moving towards cosmetic surgery options. We also expect an increase in combine more people are realising what cosmetic injections can do for their facial appearance and will use before having eyelid su procedures that involve surgical and non-surgical options performed closely together in time.  This is happening increasingly in 2020 in Australia and overseas with new filler injection methods can sculpt features to greatly enhance the face.  This year, it’s all about the diversity of products and techniques and non-surgical options will be a starting point before moving towards cosmetic surgery options.
  • That’s primarily because non-surgical options work on different aspects of the appearance than surgical methods.
  • But some things are best treated by cosmetic surgery rather than injections – or a combination of both.
  • Puffy eyelids, for example, maybe slightly reduced by cosmetic injections, but typically only a Blepharoplasty will tighten” lift, tighten and reduce the skin that sags to the point it impedes vision or disguises your eyelid and your eyelash line.
  • Used together, eye area injections and eye surgery can work ‘magic’ to reduce crows feet, sagging lids and reduce your tired, aged or puffy eyelid appearance.
  • Even under-eye bags and dark circles under the eyes can be treated with surgery, injections or a combination of a lower blepharoplasty or canthoplasty and filler injected into the tear trough area.

Take-home messages about this prediction for 2020 Plastic Surgery Trends and the non-surgical components of “modern grooming” are:

  • Non-surgical methods will become even more powerful when used by the right practitioner.
  • But non-surgical options still won’t accomplish the larger changes that many people expect from a cosmetic procedure, such as reducing their nose size, reducing wrinkles or remedying a fatty-looking double chin.

2. NON-SURGICAL Solutions for Body Contouring and Facial Rejuvenation will be trending


  • New facial sculpting treatments using dermal fillers and strategic injecting strategies will evolve to rejuvenate the face and lips.
  • Fat reduction without surgery will lead to new devices being trialled on the market; the effectiveness of results will become clearer over time.
  • Healite II treatments using low-level light therapy will be increasingly used to help plastic surgery patients heal a bit quicker.
  • New lasers and skincare products will hit the cosmetic skincare market and patients will begin concentrating on rejuvenating their hands and décolletages as well as their faces.
  • Fat transfer to breasts for breast shaping may be on-trend.
  • Breast reduction and lift surgical procedures procedures  are more and more common in the last years.
  • Silicone strips might become more popular for healing wounds as well as less expensive as more manufacturers bring their silicone strips online.
  • People will understand that the artistic nature of surgery is a combination of art and science and work together with the patient and the surgeon to achieve the best outcome, including ideal recovery healing protocols to assist with best achievable individual outcomes and a combination of both combined together is best depending on expectations.

Take-home messages about this prediction for Plastic Surgery Trends and the non-surgical components of modern grooming are:

  • There will always be new machines that come onto the market, and many are simply being trialled to see how effective they are.
  • In many cases, surgery still  accomplish more, in about the same amount of time or  more quickly; but surgery is usually slightly more expensive depending on destination, country, quality of hospital, experience of surgeon, needs of individual patient etc. But often, if you add up what repeated non-surgical treatments cost compared to surgery, it’s often higher than costs of permanent procedure instead temporary. Both surgical and non-surgical achieve different goals.
  • More MEN will also begin to get  injection treatments, Facelift and Eyelid Surgery &Male Breast Reduction 
    4. Natural Looking Breast Surgery. Bigger breasts will be less popular as  SMALLER BREAST IMPLANT sizes are requested.
  • Recent Plastic Surgery Trends in Breast Surgery show an increase demand for natural-looking vs fake breast augmentation results.
  • Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to breast enlargement.  A body balanced, the customised approach and natural look will be the trend as the  “fake look” boob job trend further declines.This year, we expect to see more reasonably sized breast augmentations being requested across more diverse age groups. If you’re trying to determine how large you want to go with implant sizes, it’s good to understand that your ideal breast augmentation preferences are likely influenced by cultural influences, fashion trends, sporting preferences and personal cleavage ideals.
  • Take home message about this  Plastic Surgery Trend prediction about smaller breast implants being more popular than larger breast implants this year are:
    • Sometimes size does matter when it comes to getting a natural-looking breast augmentation versus a fake-looking breast job.
    • Your body size, not your ideal cup size, needs to be taken into consideration to get a good result.
    • BMI also has an impact (your weight or body mass index) as does your chest width, shoulder to waist ratio and other proportions.
    • The size of a breast implant can also impact your long-term results.If you choose an implant that is too large for your body frame, your breasts will not only look unnaturally out of proportion, they might contribute to short-lived surgery success such as a double-bubble or bottoming out.=
    • 5. Women Over 50 will seek more surgical help with Anti Aging
    • Cosmetic Injections are a great way to keep the years off a person’s face. So are the rejuvenated eyelid reduction procedures such as Blepharoplasty.
    • With our over 50 faces looking younger than ever due to injections or to a facelift or eyelid lift, we may be shaving 3 to 7 years off our facial appearance.
    • As non-surgical options for appearance rejuvenation increasing in popularity, so does the trend for having a holistic makeover, such as a Mummy Makeover that includes body, face, breasts and eyes.
    • Also, people are looking after themselves in new ways these days, meaning that cosmetic plastic surgery is no longer only available to celebrities or matriarchs.
    • Additionally, with more revealing fashions and swimwear being worn by women of all ages, it seems that Breast Lifts, Breast Lifts with Implants and Breast Reductions are all going to increase in terms of surgery requests.
  • 6. More MEN will seek surgery to reduce their “Man Boobs” (Gynaecomastia Surgery)
    • With the rise in obesity, soy product use, new beer brews, alcohol and other substance use and excess body fat, more men will end up with enlarged breast sizes.
    • The surgical solutions are Male Breast Reduction.
  • And of course, women with very large breasts will continue to pursue Breast Reduction Mammoplasty surgery to reduce neck pain, back pain, shoulder bra strap dig ins and uncomfortable social situations or comments.
    7. Swapping Out Breast Implants – Removing & Replacing Old or Textured Breast Implants
  • Breast Implant Exchanges and Breast Revision Breast Surgery is increasing with Removal and Replacement of Breast Implants as a priority for many women
    • Women who had unsuccessful surgery, botched cosmetic surgery performed overseas or surgery by less trained doctors will seek Revision Breast Surgery to try to get a better result.
    • As more junior doctors enter the cosmetic procedures market, the requests for breast revisions surgery by highly experienced Breast Surgeons will increase.
    • More people will also begin to realise there’s a difference in types of Surgeons who perform Cosmetic Surgery, and why it is much wiser to choose a Plastic  Surgeon and as highly trained and experienced as possible- internationally and Board Certified. Who specialises in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.People who have had their implants in for a long period of time will make decisions to remove them or to remove and replace them.
    • Individuals who chose implants that were a bit too large (or smaller than they wanted) will seek out expert Plastic Surgeons to perform breast implant removal and replacement procedures.
    • People who experience problems with breast implants may want them removed entirely or replaced with a newer type or better brand.
    • 8. More Selfies lead to 3D Virtual Modelling for eyes & nosesselfies-cosmetic-surgery-social-media.jpg
    • This could lead not only to a rise in Nose Reshaping Surgery but to other facial enhancement procedures such as dermal filler injections, lip enhancements or wrinkle relaxers as well as double chin fat reduction treatment injections
    • Some people have a love/hate relationship with their smartphone cameras and social media posts.  We are about to see more research published about how social media has changed our self-perception in both positive and negative ways.
    • And finally, we will see a greater understanding of how much our appearance is linked with our self-perception, and how life-changing surgery or non-surgical cosmetic options – as long as expectations are kept realistic – can help.
    • 10. More Mums and Dads will have Abdominoplasty surgery when exercise alone fails to remove excess skin.
    • Mummy Makeovers will increase and the Daddy Makeover will become a common word in the vernacular; as people start to treat weight gain, obesity and excess skin folds with the latest Tummy Tuck and skin reduction treatment options.Mothers who discover exercise and dieting alone CAN’T get rid of their belly bulges and excess skin after pregnancy will know that there are surgical means to remedy these problems, such as Abdominoplasty or Belt Lipectomy Surgery and Breast Lifts (AKA Mummy Makeovers and rising number of men’s procedures dubbed “Daddy makeovers”.