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Ahhhhhh the memories! ✨The Gold Coast’s “medical tourism group tour ” to Phuket – April 2010✈️🌏🏖🍹

Medical Tourism Group Tours Brisbane to Phuket!

Day 1: Monday 5th April

The day had finally arrived and the excited ladies from the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and further north of Queensland celebrated Easter with their families on Sunday, barely sleeping that evening as flitters of nervous butterflies mixed with an excitement and anticipation of their dreams coming true!

We met, bright and early at Brisbane airport at 6.30am and waived goodbye to beloved family members and children and checked in to our flight on Singapore Airlines, chatting endlessly about breasts, their expectations and shopping!

Bonding instantly through this shared adventure, we all grabbed a copy of the latest women’s gossip magazine so we could read on the flight and share amongst ourselves, did some duty free shopping and made our way down to the boarding gate and checked onto our flight.

We arrived in Phuket at about 6.30pm.We were all exhausted, and night had already fallen on Phuket where we were greeted at the airport by our wonderful hospital staff Maam and Nok.

Day 2: Tuesday 6th April

Up bright-and-early, ready for surgery!

Maree and Troy from the Sunshine Coast had also arrived in Phuket last night, after spending two weeks on holiday in Thailand. They looked tanned, relaxed and ready for the next stage of their journey beginning with a rhinoplasty this morning before dental procedures. Oh, sounded like heaven!

Claire was in the Eye Surgery Department, having all pre-operative testing done for her Lasik eye surgery. Claire had been suffering problems with her eyesight for some years and this procedure was about to change the way she saw the world! I sat with her through this testing and her consultation with her eye surgeon we waited for her time for the 30 minute procedure and chatted about the difference this would make in her life. 

Day 3: Wednesday 7th April

I began my day with Botox at 9am. It had been six months and I was keen to wipe away some years…….

Claire was picked up at her hotel by the hospital car, and I met her at the Eye Centre for her follow-up with her surgeon. Already, her eyesight has improved dramatically, and will keep improving more each day. “I can see!” she said, sending goose bumps down my spine. It was a miraculous moment.

Together we went to visit Maree after her rhinoplasty. She was quite bruised and swollen and bandaged up-  but in no pain. Claire came with me to see Tanya and Casey. Tanya was up and about, dressed, had her follow-up with her surgeon and was ready to check out. She absolutely radiated with happiness which was a mixture of sheer relief it was done as well as  happy with the results.

Casey was ecstatic, and could not resist taking her bandages early to see the results. “I have boobs!” she said, thrilled with the results and went to the salon in the hospital to have her hair done.

The ladies were discharged from the hospital and we went to our hotel to check in, relaxed for a couple of hours and refreshed, and headed out for dinner with Brooke and Troy. They have already having been in Phuket for 10 days, Brooke had a cosmetic procedure and Troy a variety if dental work done that left them gleaming!

It was a wonderful dinner, meeting new and interesting people, hearing about their lives and stories over some wonderful food and drinks after a few mocktails at the bar of our hotel!

After dinner, we went to see my favourite handbag man in Patong who always has some of the best “imitation designer original” handbags. We girls were so immersed, surrounded by handbag heaven for what seemed hours, as Troy patiently waited for us outside as he chatted to a local Thai character.

All of this less than 24 hour after surgery….

Day 4 – Thursday 8th April

We all woke up bright and early, and enjoyed our first buffet breakfast at our hotel. We also had the opportunity of meeting Lindy, who had a facelift on Saturday. We all enjoyed meeting her as we listening to her experience and getting to know her. It was great!

After breakfast, Casey, Tanya, Claire and I went for a walk to make an appointment at our dental clinic for a check-up and whitening and a Thai Sim Card, stopping for some shopping along the way……, so difficult to resist in Patong…

Day 5:  Friday 9th April

Follow-ups with the surgeons in the morning, at lunch we all ordered room service, indulging in a western lunch and delicious Thai desserts. We were all so, so full. At 1pm we were picked up in our hotel lobby for the launch of VIP personal escorted shopping tour with the International Marketing team at Bangkok Hospital and Central Management. It was a crazy three-hour spree, with everyone buying far more than they could carry home!

Day 6: Saturday 10th April

7am pick-up in the hotel lobby for Claire and me as we went to the hospital for her consultation, then surgery, with Dr Piyapas. Lindy also came to the hospital for her follow-up. It was like Patong markets in the waiting room of the Aesthetic Centre- crazy busy!

Day 7: Sunday 11th April

Visits with surgeons

Hospital visit to see Claire and follow-up visits for the ladies with their surgeons. As we waited for Claire to be discharged, we let her rest and headed to the Outlet shopping centre for more discount shopping at Brand name label. Oh the shopping in Thailand- it’s  a never ending Utopia.

It’s so hard being a girl!

Day 8: Monday 12th April

We all had breakfast together and had some appointments at our dental clinic for some teeth whitening. After our appointments we had a delicious seafood lunch and got so wet walking through the streets of Patong as Thai New Year festivities and water fights began.

Claire had her follow-up with her eye surgeon. Better than  20/ 20 vision! Claire is more than thrilled with the results. Almost impossible to believe, and over the next four weeks the specialist has informed her there will be a day by day improvement! Wow wow wow.

It’s a miracle!” she said,  “My Lasik vision correction surgery and breast augmentation was an amazing life-changing experience. One that I don’t regret and will never forget, more so because I decided to have it done in Phuket, Thailand. The quality of care and service provided by hotel and hospital staff is truly exceptional. One that needs to be seen to be believed.

 Nip Tuck Holidays and Bangkok Hospital, Phuket gave me more than a miracle. I felt in  safe and caring hands at al times before and after surgery, knowing that I had 100% made the right decision and I am more than happy with the outcome of my unreal breasts.”

Day 9: Tuesday 13th April

Songkran (Thai New Year)  begins and it is madness in the streets of Patong as the girls relaxed by the pool.

To celebrate Songkran, our hotel had  a special Thai Banquet with live entertainment. What a night!

Day 10: Wednesday 14th April

After breakfast together, the girls went on an elephant trekking tour.

Day 11: Thursday 15th April

Less than two weeks after  surgery, Lindy is simply glowing!  She said:

“I am 55 years old and have had numerous cosmetic surgeries both in Australia and Beverly Hills, California. I had bad results in both places.

Nothing compares to the excellence of my surgeon, Dr Piyapas, and the care I received at Bangkok Hospital, Phuket. I have had a face and neck lift,  brow lift and both upper and lower eyelid surgery and I am thrilled with the results.

My two weeks here have been amazing and I really wish that I didn’t have to go home! Claire works all day, every day to make sure everyone is happy and things run smoothly. Everything is so well organised for you so that your stay is truly a holiday.”

Day 12: Friday 16th April

Phi Phi Island

I finally caught up with Maree after her rhinoplasty and sparkling new smile, drunk with sheer joy of her results. Amazing!

Day 13: Saturday 17th April

What a ride! Now it was time to go home….

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