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Surgery Holiday: Travelling Overseas For Cosmetic Procedures

The REAL Cost Of Breast Implants In Thailand by WHO Magazine

Thailand – your new fave destination for good food, beautiful beaches, and cheap surgery.

People travel for a myriad of reasons – for business, for vacation, for weddings/funerals/reunions. But medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular, especially for people coming from developed nations. 

Countries like America, the UK, and Australia may have some of the best doctors and hospitals in the world, but the cost of getting cosmetic surgery is extremely prohibitive. Most people simply can’t afford it.

But developing nations like Thailand, India, Mexico, Brazil, and the Philippines offer a cost-effective solution. In these countries, the cost of living is much lower – and so is the cost of cosmetic surgery

Surgery Holiday: Travelling Overseas For Cosmetic Procedures @niptuckholidays at Bangkok Hospital Phuket

The Popularity Of Breast Augmentation In Thailand

Breast surgery is the most common type of surgery and Thailand is the place to go! And when it comes to affordable procedures abroad, Thailand is one of the best places to go. Tons of hospitals and clinics are internationally-accredited, ensuring that you get the highest standards of safety and excellence.

Most people choose to get their breast implants in Thailand because the packages are ridiculously cheap, especially when compared to American, European, or Australian prices. It’s also an ideal destination because it’s less than 10 hours away from Australia, making way more accessible than other medical tourism hotspots.

Plus, not only can you get your mummy makeover in Thailand, you can spend a few days exploring its beautiful, exotic locations. Thailand has incredible beaches, delicious food, and shopping centres to die for. So why not get your procedure and a vacation at the same time?

Claudia from Perth was one of our clients that came one one of our Group Tours to Phuket .

Claudia was so happy with our service and the standards at the hospitals she has had a number if procedures and has referred friends!
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Where You Can Get A Boob Job In Thailand

One of the hardest things about getting breast augmentation in another country is knowing where to get it. Since you’re not a local, you’ll need to rely on your research skills to find you the best doctor for the job.

Thankfully, you have many resources at your fingertips. Websites like Nip Tuck Holidays are at your fingertips with 5 star US standard international hospitals and internationally trained plastic surgeons and Thai hospital that specialises in breast augmentation. These websites vet their listings and collect reviews from former patients, so you can make an informed decision.

The Cost Of Breast Implants In Thailand Versus Australia

Not all breast augmentation in Thailand costs the same, but these figures will help you set your expectations about how much the procedure will cost.

Breast implants in Thailand usually cost around $3,000-6,000 for the surgery, which is significantly cheaper than Australia’s $10,000-17,000 price tag. But you’ll also need to take into consideration other expenses, such as your flight and accommodations. Even so, plane tickets, a hotel stay, and a little bit of spending money will probably be another $2,000-4,000 at the most, which is still much more affordable than getting the procedure done in Australia.

You can even find packages for $5,000 – 9,000 that include roundtrip airfare, a week’s stay in a hotel, consultation fees, and the actual procedure.

What To Consider When Getting Breast Implants In Thailand

“Take this very seriously in the same way you would seek out care for a significant medical condition and you will be successful,” says Dr Fred Fedok, the president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

What he means by that, is the right doctor or clinic is the single most important factor in the success of your surgery. 

Before committing to the surgery, you should always check the following:

  • Certification: Your doctor should be accredited by or a member of a relevant medical board, like the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  • Experience: Your doctor should have experience not just in cosmetic surgery, but in the exact procedure you want done.
  • Previous work: Ask for before and after pictures of previous clients. This will help you gauge their skill and aesthetic sense.
  • Professionalism: Do they treat you with respect? Do you feel comfortable with the doctor and their staff? Or do they pressure you into procedures or styles you don’t want?
  • Reviews: Find out what previous patients say about them. Check online, or get recommendations from friends. 

Concerns About Thai Cosmetic Surgery?

You may have heard horror stories of botched boob jobs that make you hesitant to get one overseas. Of course, there’s a little bit of risk when you opt for cheaper procedures, especially if you get one done in another country.

There have been media reports of facilities that don’t meet strict safety or cleanliness standards, doctors using faulty implants, or patients that don’t get the results they were promised.

These are real risks, of course, but the truth is that these risks aren’t exclusive to procedures done overseas. Risk is inevitable with any cosmetic procedure, even in your home country – you just need to know how to mitigate that risk. 

Do your research and get a clinic that has a policy in place for complications or botched procedures. Follow the doctor’s post-operation care instructions. Be careful, be smart – and you’ll enjoy the benefits of affordable breast augmentation in Thailand.

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