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Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is the ultimate dental treatment solution for patient with broken or chipped teeth, short and discoloured teeth or patients who want to have a perfect set of teeth without the need to go through extensive and time consuming orthodontic treatment.
Veneers offer a dazzling smile that is nicely evened out with harmony in the colour and shape of your teeth and modern dental technology allows the fabrication of very strong dental veneers as thin as a contact lens.

New Emax

Together At Bangkok Smile MALO DENTAL we are proud to be the first international dental centre in Thailand that offers the strong and the aesthetic, Emax porcelain restoration.

We are the first Emax Veneers Center in Bangkok and now Phuket to provide THINNER, STRONGER, & LONGER-LASTING restorations for that beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted.

More about E-Max Porcelain Restoration

E-max restoration are manufactured by Ivocloar company, a leading dental material manufacturer with strong history of documented and research based studies from the major universities in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe.

These thin layered but extremely strong porcelain is made from Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic. They can be fabricated as thin as 0.3 mm and can provide long lasting strength, aesthetics and colour stability.
As a the first international dental centre in Thailand with an onsite digital laboratory, we can create beautiful smile makeovers using E-max technology for dental patients who visit us from overseas in a short amount of time while they are vacationing in Thailand.

The cost of smile makeover varies depending on the number of teeth involved and it can be obtained from our customer service team. Please email your inquiry along with some snapshot photos of your teeth to us here at click here [email protected]

Steps to a beautiful smile using E-max Porcelain Veneers

Step 1 – Evaluation by dental specialist as whether or not you are a good candidate. This would require an photo of your teeth to be certain that your teeth are healthy and strong. Also, your dental bite will be evaluated to ensure that a dental veneer can last a long time. The dentist will also discuss with you your desires as the shape and the colour of the teeth that you would want to have for your new teeth.

Step 2- Impression of your teeth for preparation of a diagnostic wax up or for fabrication of temporaries

Step 3- Clinical Preparation of your teeth- This step includes use of anesthetic when preparation of your teeth is required, the actual preparation of your teeth, followed by an impression of your teeth. Depending on your clinical situation the impression can be done digitally or with the use of traditional dental materials.

Step 4- Provisionalization- When your preparation is complete, your dentist will fabricate a temporary or a provisional veneer for you while your new porcelain teeth are being made in our dental laboratory.

Step 5- Final Insertion Appointment- At this appointment your dentist will prepare each tooth for final check and permanent bonding. At the conclusion, your dental bite is checked and any interferences that may exist with your opposing teeth is removed.

An Emax Veneer is a thin-layered dental veneer that can be used for to enhance the appearance of a tooth by bonding it to its front surface layer. An Emax Veneer is made from Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic, which is a very durable compared to an ordinary veneer.

Apart achieving great aesthetics, it is also needless to remove much of your tooth’s enamel layer for preparation, thanks to the Emax Veneer’s contact lens-like thinness of only 0.3 mm. The results are long-lasting while obtaining a very natural appearance.

We are truly proud of being the First Emax Veneers Center here in Thailand, and along with expertise on international cosmetic dentistry standard procedures, we are able to offer extreme smile makeovers to our patients during their holiday vacation here in Bangkok. Custom-made veneers are provided as per your request under supervision of our highly-trained dental specialists. Our clinic will ensure you of the best in quality and an on-time shipment from our international partners.

What makes E.max® Veneers outstanding?

The outstanding advantage of Emax Veneers that makes them standout from the others is their thinness. This is because they are made from a special-treated ceramic, they can be formed into a very thin layer while remaining very durable. This makes them look more naturally once they are placed into the teeth.

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