Hair transplants in Turkey are HUGE even amid pandemic Experts Say….


During covid Turkey most people have avoided medical procedures such as liver transplantation and hernia removal in Turkey , they never stopped having hair transplants, according to a medical experts!

Reşat Baha, the chairman of the Private Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations Association (OHSAD), noted that there were unpredictable changes in people’s health-centered spending habits during the pandemic period. He said that many people have had to struggle with advanced heart and cancer diseases without undergoing necessary controls.


“While many of our patients did not undergo treatments and follow-ups for their chronic problems in this period of more than a year, the fact that hair transplantation, breast prosthesis, nose aesthetics and botox filling operations have continued to increase,” Baha said.

He said that this rise should be examined as a sociological case.

Speaking at the 2021 Health Policies Summit organized by Turkey’s Health Policies Institute (TÜSPE), Health Services General Manager Ahmet Tekin underlined that the COVID-19 pandemic seriously affected health tourism in Turkey.

“In 2019, 23.4 percent of Turkish tourism was in the field of health. There was a 48 percent decrease in health tourism during the pandemic period,” Tekin said, adding that in 2019, the country had nearly $1.2 billion in health tourism revenue, but this figure decreased by 50 percent in 2020.

With some of the best hotels in Istanbul known by many names—New Rome, Constantinople, Byzantium—the Turkish capital of economy, culture, and history has long served as the seat of trailblazing empires.iconic Ottoman-era palaces, mosques, and basilicas, opulent hotels, and multi-cultural cuisine, Istanbul is a decadent destination.

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet. A century before becoming one of Istanbul’s most lavish hotels, the Four Seasons’ neoclassical facade served as a prison, incarcerating famous artists and political figures well into the 1960s. The building fell into disrepair until 1996 when it was relaunched as a luxury stay.


And it’s just on of many….






Turkey Latest International Restrictions:
*Entry to Turkey: Turkey has temporarily suspended direct passenger flights between the UK and Turkey. However, limited flights from Turkey to the UK continue.
All arrivals into Turkey, except Turkish citizens or residence permit holders, must complete an online form within 72 hours of travel. This is not required for those passengers transiting Turkey en route to another country.
Turkey’s international land and sea borders are open. However, short-notice changes, especially temporary closures of land borders, are possible and you should check access locally.
Passengers wishing to transit through airports in Turkey on to a domestic Turkish flight will be required to take another PCR test upon arrival, before catching their onward flight.
You must wear a face mask at all times whilst in an airport, and for the duration of all flights, to and from Turkey.
*Testing / screening on arrival: All arrivals into Turkey will be subject to a medical evaluation for symptoms of coronavirus, including temperature checks.

Now taking bookings for Nip ‘Tuck clients in Thailand from July 1, 2021 AND BIG NEW LUXURY HOTEL PARTNERS!


 Phuket is planning to open their borders from July 1st, 2021 and cancel all quarantine measures for vaccinated international travelers.


We are happy to announce that we are open for bookings from July 1 onwards….📝


  • Travellers will need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 virus to travel overseas💉
  • Testing in Thailand for Covid-19 may be required💉
  • Thailand hopes the relaxed travel requirement will revive its tourism industry 
  • Brand new Nip Tuck hotel partners
  • US clients can confirm
  • Australians must apply for special exemptions to be allowed to leave the country at this stage…..waiting to hear from June 17*

Travel to Thailand at this stage looks possible with the Thai Government warming to a plan proposed by struggling local tourism operators.  It seems the online campaign has successful put enough pressure on appropriate Government bodies to re-open to international tourists on the basis that vaccination programs will be well underway by then.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha said on Facebook that a review of their vaccinations are important first are the first step so they are prepared, as it’s important that Thailand proceed in line with other countries.

‘Those in the tourism business would like to get certified soon. But there is still a lot to be uncertain about. “The main thing is we have to go along with other countries as well”

And this really is the main issue at the moment globally facing us all! We are seeing hopeful signs of the end to the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic and this is a HUGE FIRST STEP!


Tourism is one of Thailand’s biggest industries and major employers, accounting for an estimated 13 per cent of GDP. For our part, together with our hospital teams we are happy to announce that we are open for bookings from October 1 onwards.


AND….. We have a huge announcement to make!!! Nip Tuck Holidays we would like to introduce you to our selection of brand new hotel partners partnerships with a selection of international hotels and resorts for the ultimate recovery post-surgery!


Four Points Sheraton, Patong Phuket


This brand new beachfront, luxury resort two outdoor pools, five fantastic restaurants & bars and the latest facilities for the ultimate holiday in Phuket and recovery post-op. You will come home feeling rested, renewed , looking and feeling like a new person!

In Phuket we have the brand new Four Points Sheraton, Patong Phuket to provide our trademark hands-on approach to our business and clients as you recover in these luxurious surroundings with beachfront views, special privileges and bonus inclusions.


The Doubletree by Hilton Banthai Patong, Phuket is a luxury resort in the heart of Patong Beach.While you rest your body in these luxurious surroundings and ease of access to attractions in Phuket such as shopping centres and  beauty clinics which are a favourite post-op for clients recovering from cosmetic surgery.





As our clients recover in these luxurious surroundings with beachfront views, we offer special privileges and bonus inclusions we provide options for companions and even suites to bring along the whole family.
As NipTuck clients you will be treated like extra-special guests while you recover from surgery!

In Bangkok, our partnered resort  Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 is the best choice for new hotels in Bangkok and so central just a few steps to BTS Asoke  Station!

That means less stress and worry about getting around the city in the heat, especially in bandages and when you have stitches. Here you have all that Bangkok has to offer at your fingertips ensuring your best post-surgery recovery possible whilst recovering in Thailand and having an enjoyable holiday!


Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok, Sukhumvit 15 Relax and refresh- sleeping on the signature Four Comfort bed is like sleeping on a cloud, and doctor’s orders upon discharge from hospital.

Recover in style at this  luxury oasis while you sample the best that Bangkok has to offer on this vibrant city.



We will be rolling out new surgery holiday packages and prices shortly so make sure you are on your newsletter so you have the latest news! Here are our contact details to get in touch!




Normal World Travel?! When is it going to happen…? ✈️🚀🌎🌍🌏🏩🤷‍♀️

Well, we thought 2020 was going to be the end of this nightmare…. then 2021 began in a way we hadn’t hear before….”Unprecedented”🤦🏼‍♀️


When it was announced at the end of last year that we’d have not one but two highly effective vaccines against the coronavirus, people were excited, hope was restored as collectively our desire to travel hasn’t abated.

A few months later, though, the vaccine rollout has been choppy at best in the U.S., people’s expectations are coming back down to earth expecting everything to “go back to normal magically in 2021”. Most realize it will be several months before they can get vaccinated themselves. 


In Australia, TGA provisionally approves Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for use in Australia on the 25 January 2020 :

With it being approved and rolled out now in the US, UK, Australia and most countries around the world, we are unfortunately seeing new strains of the virus that are more contagious and potentially more deadly popping up around the world and within the U.S.

A lot of the enthusiasm we first saw in the travel industry as well as the medical tourism industry at the beginning of the year for plans for this year is beginning to fade a bit. People are taking a step back and evaluating when they realistically can get back out into the world. 


What needs to happen before we can travel with some normalcy?

It’s apparently not going to be ‘just that simple’ to get back to normal, everyday life?! There are certain factors in the equation when it comes to travel and it’s essential that the combination of vaccines administered will contribute to achieving a level of immunity around the world so that the virus can no longer spread as rapidly — or lethally. 

And there is promising news on that front. 

And there is promising news on that front. Using the US as somewhat of a test-case, the first 22 millionAmericans have been vaccinated for COVID-19, and the CDC says the initial safety data shows everything is going well. The CDC reported this week that its early data on the first 22 million or so Americans who have received at least one dose of a vaccine shows they are indeed as safe as they were expected to be. 

And data from Israel, the world leader in terms of the vaccination effort, has found that infection rates have dropped significantly after just the first dose of the vaccine, according to reporting from the New York Times

On Friday morning, Johnson & Johnson shared that its vaccine is effective in protecting against COVID-19, though it reported a drop in its effectiveness against the new strain of the virus circulating in South Africa. 

Still, this vaccine only requires one shot instead of two and can be stored for months in a typical refrigerator, promising news for developing nations who perhaps don’t have the infrastructure in place to support the extra care required to store the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. 

If this new vaccine receives approval and we can get it distributed to a lot of people quickly, we can start to get ahead of the virus and hopefully blunt its circulation among the population before the more contagious strains become dominant. 


What does this all mean for travel? 



For countries that have taken an aggressive stance and very restrictive non-travel measurements against covid- vaccination is going to be a requirement for international travel we predict. Countries that have taken very strict and aggressive measures to successfully protected themselves from against COVID-19, such as Australia, New Zealand and several nations in Asia. 

Read more about the state of travel right now: 


Sooooo international travel returning to normal for 2021? Unfortunately for Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Asia it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.


In the US it looks like domestically they will see a pretty busy summer for travel, and and some of their closest allies like North and South America, possibly the UK and other nations in Europe, could open their borders to Americans this summer (with restrictions, of course) if we continue to see case and death numbers go down and increase our rate of vaccination. 

But we are predicting the real boom — and perhaps a return to normalcy even — will happen in the summer of 2022 (winter here in Australia) after a much larger portion of the global population has been inoculated against COVID-19. 



Easter Group Tour 2011

Gold Coast Group Tour to Phuket

The day had finally arrived with a mixture of excitement, nerves and butterflies. The April Gold Coast group tour is being held over this year’s Easter time in Buddhist Thailand to symbolize the original pagan celebration of renewal and rebirth.  We are leaving the chocolate bunnies behind on this cosmetic surgery/holiday experience-of-a-lifetime to the experience of renewal and transformation.

We are off to Phuket, the land where dreams come true….

We boarded the flight, shared stories and got to know each other before a special birthday surprise from Singapore Airlines. It was Nick’s birthday tomorrow and

Nick and I were given a free upgrade to business class! Upon arrival into Phuket, we were greeted by our wonderful hospital staff Maam and Nok to the hospital.

Robyn said: “Everything Claire said about the quality of the hospital, the nursing staff and in particular the doctors were spot on. In fact, they exceeded my hopes and expectations.”



After our registration at the airport and medical tests, we then checked into our hotel the Burasari with a special night to celebrate. “Getting together at the perfect venue for dinner on the first night was very much appreciated,said Robyn.

As the full moon lit the luminous sky,  we watched the sunset over glorious Patong Beach and dined on Thai cuisine. It was a magical night.

Day 2: Surgeries begin

We had an early start to the day, with more consultations with our surgeons. Nick had his consultation with Dr Piyapas, then an appointment with a specialist. His tummy tuck and liposuction was scheduled for today, but unfortunately he had arrived in Phuket with a sinus infection. With a box full of antibiotics, his surgery would need to be delayed until he was fit and healthy for surgery.


Rachael and Kate had their consultations and surgery while Tee and Robyn had further medical testing. Tee said: “I am so happy with the overall trip from the consultation to the travel to the arrival at the hospital to the nurses, surgeon and hotel staff and of course Claire! 

It was an amazing experience. The group was wonderful and everyone was so supportive. I would recommend this company to anyone!”


The rest of the day was spent discovering the shopping in Patong Beach, Thai massages and hot oil foot massages and dinner at our hotel.

Day 3: Surgery

Tee and Robyn have surgeries today, both ladies so nervous but also so very excited! Kate had already bounced back from her breast lift and implant yesterday, off the pain killers and enjoying her book and some rest in the opulence of The Presidential Suite.

Katherine had her consultation with Dr Piyapas, and then we went back to our hotel. We shared an utterly delightful afternoon browsing the shops, indulging in some retail therapy with handbags and DVDs and then a few hours at the pool bar.

Day 3: Surgery

Robyn from the Gold Coast was recovering very well from her breast revision surgery. “Talk about confidence in your surgeon. My surgeon Dr Jib was so wonderful! He was charming, polite, and gentle and explained in detail the procedure in language that I could understand. Both serious and professional, he had a wonderful sense of humour and a lovely bedside manner. Apart from that, he is dishy.” she said. “The world is blessed for having surgeons of this caliber.”


Tee had her surgery and how did she feel? I feel I need to get up and run-I am not used to having to do nothing!” she said.” No pain at all!”

Kate is feeling great. “I am looking forward to getting out of hospital and hitting the shops and look a round she said. Together Nick, Rachael, Kate and I enjoyed dinner together at our hotel, dining on seafood, enjoyed the Thai music and dancers. Kate, Nick and Rachael kicked on exploring the shops in Patong.


Day 4: Thursday

Dental appointments, teeth whitening, follow-up appointments with the surgeons, shopping, lunch by the pool and more shopping and I  went to visit Tee, Kate and Robyn in the hospital.

7.Claire and Dr Witoon

Day 5: Good Friday

We enjoyed breakfast together before the morning, and we had a lazy day recovering, watching DVDs in the ladies rooms and exploring the shops.

Kate had her follow-up with her surgeon Dr Jib and the results? “They are just so perfect and everything that I dreamed about. I was nervous about doing it but I absolutely loved it. I had a great time!”

We dined together in our hotel restaurant, had a few cocktails, Tiger beers and fresh juice and enjoyed the freshly cooked seafood that has make Thailand a food lovers paradise.

Day 6: Easter Saturday

Lazy sleep-ins, long breakfasts and chill out time were just what the doctor ordered for this Easter weekend.  Katherine was recovering well after her breast augmentation and lift, tummy tuck and liposuction and as feeling better each day.

The rest of our group spent the day relaxing by the pool, exploring Patong Beach and this afternoon went on an adventure to the Big Buddha and explored Phuket Town markets. We had the best afternoon visiting the Big Buddha, riding the elephants and exploring the markets.


Day 7: Easter Sunday              

Our hotel of choice, the boutique Burasari resort in the heart of Patong has an exclusive tour one of the secrets of Phuket- Paradise Beach. It was a very relaxing day, as everyone did as they pleased lying by the pool, resting and getting some sun.

Then in the evening, Tee and I had a girly sleepover, ordered room service and watched DVDs…


Day 8: Easter Monday – Anzac Day

Katherine was discharged from hospital, Tee, Kate and Robyn had their follow ups and Nick had his Brite Smile teeth whitening. Robyn and Kate did Thai cooking classes at our hotel, and Tee and I helped the ladies finish the never-ending courses of the delicious Thai recipes that the ladies learnt to cook.

Katherine and I spent the afternoon being pampered in the beauty salon, as we put the finishing touches to our “Yummy mummy make-over’s” with manicures, pedicures, eyelash and hair extensions, eyebrow waxing and tints. It is beauty central in Phuket where you can have everything you want very cheap. It’s amazing what can be done in just over ten days and is definitely a must-do list after surgery so you can come home feeling like a million dollars.

Robyn said:  “The concept of a ‘medical holiday’ may seem like an oxymoron, but RBG certainly pulled it off. Claire was always ready to answer all my questions and deal with problems promptly and I especially appreciated Claire’s calm reassuring manner.”

Day 9: Easter Tuesday

We all had the buffet breakfast  together this morning, then it was off to the hospital for more follow-ups with our surgeons and dental appointments.


Wow, how quick this trip went!

We are leaving tomorrow, but we all could easily stay another week in this bubble of paradise.

Our resort The Burasari was devine!


The rest of the day was spent last minute shopping before a special dinner tonight to celebrate our last night in Phuket.  We dined on seafood, cocktails and beer, had a laugh and organized to catch up in a few months at one of the Gold Coast’s best Thai restaurants when everyone has fully recovered.

Day 10: Wednesday 27 April

It was time to go, as our flight departed Phuket airport, with a stop-over in Singapore then home. Katherine is so happy with her results. Thanks Claire for a great trip. I have had lots of positive comments from everyone when I arrived home.. I am happy, my local doctor is happy, my husband is happy. So all up, very happy!”

Home time!


Ahhhhhh the memories! ✨The Gold Coast’s “medical tourism group tour ” to Phuket – April 2010✈️🌏🏖🍹

Medical Tourism Group Tours Brisbane to Phuket!

Day 1: Monday 5th April

The day had finally arrived and the excited ladies from the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and further north of Queensland celebrated Easter with their families on Sunday, barely sleeping that evening as flitters of nervous butterflies mixed with an excitement and anticipation of their dreams coming true!

We met, bright and early at Brisbane airport at 6.30am and waived goodbye to beloved family members and children and checked in to our flight on Singapore Airlines, chatting endlessly about breasts, their expectations and shopping!

Bonding instantly through this shared adventure, we all grabbed a copy of the latest women’s gossip magazine so we could read on the flight and share amongst ourselves, did some duty free shopping and made our way down to the boarding gate and checked onto our flight.

We arrived in Phuket at about 6.30pm.We were all exhausted, and night had already fallen on Phuket where we were greeted at the airport by our wonderful hospital staff Maam and Nok.

Day 2: Tuesday 6th April

Up bright-and-early, ready for surgery!

Maree and Troy from the Sunshine Coast had also arrived in Phuket last night, after spending two weeks on holiday in Thailand. They looked tanned, relaxed and ready for the next stage of their journey beginning with a rhinoplasty this morning before dental procedures. Oh, sounded like heaven!

Claire was in the Eye Surgery Department, having all pre-operative testing done for her Lasik eye surgery. Claire had been suffering problems with her eyesight for some years and this procedure was about to change the way she saw the world! I sat with her through this testing and her consultation with her eye surgeon we waited for her time for the 30 minute procedure and chatted about the difference this would make in her life. 

Day 3: Wednesday 7th April

I began my day with Botox at 9am. It had been six months and I was keen to wipe away some years…….

Claire was picked up at her hotel by the hospital car, and I met her at the Eye Centre for her follow-up with her surgeon. Already, her eyesight has improved dramatically, and will keep improving more each day. “I can see!” she said, sending goose bumps down my spine. It was a miraculous moment.

Together we went to visit Maree after her rhinoplasty. She was quite bruised and swollen and bandaged up-  but in no pain. Claire came with me to see Tanya and Casey. Tanya was up and about, dressed, had her follow-up with her surgeon and was ready to check out. She absolutely radiated with happiness which was a mixture of sheer relief it was done as well as  happy with the results.

Casey was ecstatic, and could not resist taking her bandages early to see the results. “I have boobs!” she said, thrilled with the results and went to the salon in the hospital to have her hair done.

The ladies were discharged from the hospital and we went to our hotel to check in, relaxed for a couple of hours and refreshed, and headed out for dinner with Brooke and Troy. They have already having been in Phuket for 10 days, Brooke had a cosmetic procedure and Troy a variety if dental work done that left them gleaming!

It was a wonderful dinner, meeting new and interesting people, hearing about their lives and stories over some wonderful food and drinks after a few mocktails at the bar of our hotel!

After dinner, we went to see my favourite handbag man in Patong who always has some of the best “imitation designer original” handbags. We girls were so immersed, surrounded by handbag heaven for what seemed hours, as Troy patiently waited for us outside as he chatted to a local Thai character.

All of this less than 24 hour after surgery….

Day 4 – Thursday 8th April

We all woke up bright and early, and enjoyed our first buffet breakfast at our hotel. We also had the opportunity of meeting Lindy, who had a facelift on Saturday. We all enjoyed meeting her as we listening to her experience and getting to know her. It was great!

After breakfast, Casey, Tanya, Claire and I went for a walk to make an appointment at our dental clinic for a check-up and whitening and a Thai Sim Card, stopping for some shopping along the way……, so difficult to resist in Patong…

Day 5:  Friday 9th April

Follow-ups with the surgeons in the morning, at lunch we all ordered room service, indulging in a western lunch and delicious Thai desserts. We were all so, so full. At 1pm we were picked up in our hotel lobby for the launch of VIP personal escorted shopping tour with the International Marketing team at Bangkok Hospital and Central Management. It was a crazy three-hour spree, with everyone buying far more than they could carry home!

Day 6: Saturday 10th April

7am pick-up in the hotel lobby for Claire and me as we went to the hospital for her consultation, then surgery, with Dr Piyapas. Lindy also came to the hospital for her follow-up. It was like Patong markets in the waiting room of the Aesthetic Centre- crazy busy!

Day 7: Sunday 11th April

Visits with surgeons

Hospital visit to see Claire and follow-up visits for the ladies with their surgeons. As we waited for Claire to be discharged, we let her rest and headed to the Outlet shopping centre for more discount shopping at Brand name label. Oh the shopping in Thailand- it’s  a never ending Utopia.

It’s so hard being a girl!

Day 8: Monday 12th April

We all had breakfast together and had some appointments at our dental clinic for some teeth whitening. After our appointments we had a delicious seafood lunch and got so wet walking through the streets of Patong as Thai New Year festivities and water fights began.

Claire had her follow-up with her eye surgeon. Better than  20/ 20 vision! Claire is more than thrilled with the results. Almost impossible to believe, and over the next four weeks the specialist has informed her there will be a day by day improvement! Wow wow wow.

It’s a miracle!” she said,  “My Lasik vision correction surgery and breast augmentation was an amazing life-changing experience. One that I don’t regret and will never forget, more so because I decided to have it done in Phuket, Thailand. The quality of care and service provided by hotel and hospital staff is truly exceptional. One that needs to be seen to be believed.

 Nip Tuck Holidays and Bangkok Hospital, Phuket gave me more than a miracle. I felt in  safe and caring hands at al times before and after surgery, knowing that I had 100% made the right decision and I am more than happy with the outcome of my unreal breasts.”

Day 9: Tuesday 13th April

Songkran (Thai New Year)  begins and it is madness in the streets of Patong as the girls relaxed by the pool.

To celebrate Songkran, our hotel had  a special Thai Banquet with live entertainment. What a night!

Day 10: Wednesday 14th April

After breakfast together, the girls went on an elephant trekking tour.

Day 11: Thursday 15th April

Less than two weeks after  surgery, Lindy is simply glowing!  She said:

“I am 55 years old and have had numerous cosmetic surgeries both in Australia and Beverly Hills, California. I had bad results in both places.

Nothing compares to the excellence of my surgeon, Dr Piyapas, and the care I received at Bangkok Hospital, Phuket. I have had a face and neck lift,  brow lift and both upper and lower eyelid surgery and I am thrilled with the results.

My two weeks here have been amazing and I really wish that I didn’t have to go home! Claire works all day, every day to make sure everyone is happy and things run smoothly. Everything is so well organised for you so that your stay is truly a holiday.”

Day 12: Friday 16th April

Phi Phi Island

I finally caught up with Maree after her rhinoplasty and sparkling new smile, drunk with sheer joy of her results. Amazing!

Day 13: Saturday 17th April

What a ride! Now it was time to go home….

Medical Tourism in Mexico 2021

Prepping for Procedures After the Covid-19 Pandemic

Located south of California on the Baja Peninsula, Tijuana, Mexico boasts a Mediterranean climate that attracts millions of visitors each year. In fact, the city’s border between the United States and Mexico is one of the most heavily crossed borders one in the world.

Some travel to Tijuana for the stunning two miles of beaches that comprise its westernmost borough, Playas de Tijuana. What you might not know, though, its that the city is a prime destination for medical tourism as the most famous places in the world at a fraction of the cost in the US and Australia starting around $4,350 US or $5,850 AUD!

It is just one of our many destinations in Mexico including Lake Chapala in Jalisco and when our clients to ask “where is the best plastic surgery for gastric sleeve in Mexico?” and we are able to personally know the surgeon and best safe option available and inform the customer and provide options, both the physician is board certified in a specialty and the hospital is nationally certified.

We are proud to have strong professional relationships and a Strategic Alliance with the Medical Tourism Congress of Mexico and the Mexican Council of the Medical Tourism Industry in the Mexico Congress for International Medical Tourism.

Mexico is among the most trusted countries for plastic surgery and has been ranked 4th most popular in the world thanks to its excellence and experience in this field of medicine Mexico is one of the world’s top destinations for travellers looking to have medical and dental work done with Americans’, Canadians and more and more Australian’s traveling to Mexico for a high standard of medical care at affordable prices for procedures such as surgical weight loss, bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, medical and dental care.

As one of the pioneer medical tourism agencies in Australia- we have been there was there from the start of the boom and have forged very strong relationships with the top Plastic Surgeons in Plastics in Thailand, as have earned a good a reputation as working with only the best.

This reputation continues with our world-class hospital and surgical team in Mexico, and our strategic partnership with Mexican Tourism and partnering with only the best Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Bariatric Surgeons, and hotels delivering both Individual Packages and Group Tour Packages for cosmetic and surgical weight loss with the number 1 spot in the world is Tijuana, Mexico and a trusted source of information with our team of hospitals and Plastic Surgeons be sure to exceed your expectations.

As the industry changes globally, as one of the founding agencies in Australia, we are building on the world-class relationships and medical services we offer our clients with brand new destinations in 2020. We are different from what is already on the market as we are a niche agency and the only Australian agency with strong relationships with our hospital partners in Mexico and we excited about 2021!

Curtailed Costs in a Growing Market

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development defined  medical tourism as consumers travelling across international borders with the intention of receiving some form of medical treatment.

Consumers choose medical tourism for a variety of reasons, the primary of which is cost savings. Some people may also be surprised to know that also one of the most important factors include being able to able to access the services of internationally recognised Plastic Surgeons renowned as best in their field, the best in their field, who perform thousands of surgeries per year.

All are Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, the pinnacle of professionalism, able to provide clients with outstanding surgical experience and results who aim to exceed their client expectations . This is in addition to often US Board Certified as well as Certified in their own country at a very high level as well as certification from ISAPS (the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

Most of the hospitals we work with also have achieved JCI accreditation. This officially recognise the hospital as being a centre for medical excellence and the hospitals high standards in medical, health and patience care meet or exceed the standards of medical facilities set in the US.

According to Patients Beyond Borders (PBB), medical travelers save from 20-80 percent on treatments when compared to the U.S. Those getting procedures done in Mexico save approximately 40-65 percent. This cost difference often is substantial, especially for cosmetic surgery, which is typically not covered by insurance.

An estimated 14 million people travel each year internationally for medical treatment, or did pre-covid in 2020, making the medical tourism industry worth approximately $45-$72 billion dollars.

The global market is expected to rebound and exceed $135 billion by 2024 with the cosmetic surgery segment projected to generate a revenue of around $31 million by 2026. 

Those who plan on travelling to Mexico or another country this year for a medical procedure, though, will most likely benefit from reduced costs, including cheaper airfare and promotions by hotels and our agency with hotels to offer deal in 2021 after the pandemic. In an effort to boost the medical tourism industry, some insurance companies have even started covering costs of procedures outside the U.S. – not sure if insurance companies in Australia also offer this you could check with your insurance company to see if they offer this service.

Why Book with Us?

We are different from what is already on the market as we are a niche agency and the only Australian agency with strong relationships with our hospital partners in Mexico.

We are proud to have strong professional relationships and a Strategic Alliance with the Medical Tourism Congress of Mexico and the Mexican Council of the Medical Tourism Industry in the Mexico Congress for International Medical Tourism. Mexico is among the most trusted countries for plastic surgery and has been ranked 4th most popular in the world thanks to its excellence and experience in this field of medicine Mexico is one of the world’s top destinations for travelers looking to have medical and dental work done with Americans’, Canadians and more and more Australian’s traveling to Mexico for a high standard of medical care at affordable prices for procedures such as surgical weight loss, bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, medical and dental care.

It is essential to deal with a medical tourism agency post-covid to you understand the new rules going forward insure you have covid benefits included  in your medical tourism coverage when booking your medical tourism as certain countries will require it. More information here or get a quote:

Planning for Procedures

If you’re planning on being part of the burgeoning medical tourism market next year of the year after, there are some steps you can take to help mitigate your risk of contracting the novel coronavirus while traveling.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention   (CDC) recommends the following tips for protecting yourself and others during your trip: clean your hands often; avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth; void close contact with others; wear a cloth face covering in public; cover coughs and sneezes; and pick up food at drive-throughs, curbside restaurant service or stores.

When international travel and medical tourism become more frequent once again, there are some additional measures you should take to ensure you receive a high quality of care from a reputable healthcare provider. Most of all, do your research, and put your safety first.

  • Pick the correct procedure. Know what the treatment you want entails, the benefits it offers and any corresponding risks. Be aware of any possible complications.
  • Choose a trained specialist. Find a medical tourism or other healthcare provider who is board-certified and trained in the specialty in which you’re planning to receive care. If you’re planning to visit a clinic or hospital, has employees who speak your language. If possible, as to talk with one of our other patients who have undergone the same procedure.

  • Provide your correct medical history on the medical forms we provide. Include all of medical conditions you have and what medication(s) you take. Be sure you’re up-to-date on any necessary vaccinations and other immunizations.
  • Know what to expect. Ask about how you expect the procedure to affect you and what side effects you might experience. Be informed about your estimated recovery time and any corresponding travel restrictions after the treatment.
  • Make contingency plans. Develop a strategy for dealing with unplanned changes in your trip, including those due to bad weather, accommodation problems and travel documentation issues.
  • Find a healthcare provider for follow-up. Before you travel to another country for a medical procedure, arrange for follow-up care with your primary care physician or another provider who has knowledge of the specific treatment you’re planning to receive.
  • Ask about insurance. Although not all insurance companies provide coverage for medical care received outside the U.S., some pay for post-procedure care. More information here or get a quote:

2021- The Year of Revenge Travel! It’s looking bright! ☀️😷✈️🌍🌎🌎💫✨

The state of travel right now This year has been completely defined by the emergence and global spread of the corona epidemic.  Unfortunately as it continues to be a global threat, we can only hope that 2021 will be defined by life after the pandemic that has changed life as we know it.

In the realm of travel, things are slowly improving and we can only we predict the coming year will marked by a surge of what we are calling “revenge travel”. Collectively, all over the world we are predicting we will return to travelling with a renewed enthusiasm and appreciation from the freedom and and many times in this year we will never forget – 2020- what we had all before taken for granted. It will no doubt make the next trip much sweeter, with deeper connection to the destination to which you decide will be your next travel destination

It is something before 2020 that we had all taken for granted- the ability to just book a flight and travel to wherever we wanted when we wanted without permission or quarantine, papers.

It’s something we had only read about in the history books a hundred years ago. And damn it we are going to make up for the missed holidays, booked flights, business trips, and everything in between for many of us whose life has been on hold while travel has been and everything in between!




I was in the US at the start of the year with the expansion of our company to new markets and was caught in the the global epidemic with Delta Airlines closing and my flights twice being delayed then cancelled and stranded there. I was lucky enough to finally get a flight back in May and one of 88,000 people passed through all of the TSA’s checkpoints across the mainland United States and its territories. , they saw the commercial airline traffic almost collapse almost completely.

It was an incredible way to travel let me tell you – San Francisco was deserted I will never forget it!!!!



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Since then, the airline industry in the US has clawed their way back quite a bit, with close to 100,000 people passing through TSA checkpoints since the beginning of September and more than 4.1 million travellers passed through TSA checkpoints although largely travel is nonexistent —or very limited- and conditional and unfortunately it seems that it will remain that way for some time.


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And then 2 weeks in quarantine in Sydney before I came back home to the Gold Coast in May.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_3580.jpg



However, in Australia it’s not looking nearly as optimistic right now with our borders CLOSED.


Our border’s are closed with only citizens, residents and immediate family member can travel to Australia and needing quarantine for 14 days upon arrival back to Australia as well as special Government permission to depart Australia. And for the most part so have our state border’s for the most part with Queensland and South Australia will finally open its borders partly in the coming weeks without any reopening date set.But our island home, while relatively free of COVID-19, has turned into an island prison and very few of us are able to leave:

With lockdowns ending around the world, many countries have started to ease border restrictions and reopen to international tourists. Here is the complete list.


Looking to next year

So this year is pretty much finished, so we have to look toward 2021 to hopefully start to put this pandemic behind us, I believe that many Australians will not only get back to exploring the world as quickly as possible, but many will do it in a much different way than before.




Just like breaking up with someone, you strive to do your best to show the other person that you’ve come out on the other side even better than before.  The same principle applies to travel.

People will want LONGER. BETTER, MORE IMPACTFUL WITH MORE BUCKET-LIST TRIPS and MORE INSTA-WORTHY MOMENTS, because now we all know how precious a gift travel really is.

When we can travel without the hassle of worrying about testing and quarantine(which may not completely happen in 2021- we are going to have to wait and see), we all will want to travel in a way that truly enriches the soul.

We are going to have to see how 2021 plays out for testing and quarantine to really see how the pandemic really alters our traveling habits, but….. my guesses are that there are going to be changes.


For travellers and medical travellers that would that would jet off to a destination for a few days prior to the main destination for, maybe a week maximum- that’s not going to be possible.

We are going to be slowing down and exploring in a manner much different than before and taking in our surroundings instead of checking off many different ports, but we will see.  It would certainly open up opportunities for not just people having medical holidays but take much longer vacations and actually immerse themselves in a totally new culture and place after their surgery.

This makes sense from the perspective of national governments, as well. If they let a smaller number of people in for a longer amount of time, they can minimize the risk of a new COVID outbreak. So while still bringing in more money from a person who is living and working within the country than a typical short-term tourist- Thailand for instance is already making available 90 day Visa’s for tourists able to be renewed twice in place of the previous 30 days.


Our Revenge Travel List

The usual culprits!





Thailand of course has been a favourite since we began in this business way back in 2007. We has new business partnerships with some first-class international hotel partnerships in Bangkok, Phuket together with our hospital and surgery packages we are excited to offer with our incredible team of Surgeons when Thailand opens both Australia and Thailand opens their borders to international travellers looking like early to mid 2021 and Bali is looking the same!




Happy Chinese New Year we look forward toto 2021 the Year of the Ox and forget (hopefully) the terrible luck year the Rat has brought in 2020! 🐭


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In Europe the majority of the local coronavirus restrictions were lifted earlier this summer (Europe) .




But, everything has been tinged with coronavirus concerns, so naturally, we looking forward to the day when we can travel again without worry.  This means our pics Turkey has been open, as has Mexico.




Nip Tuck Holidays is honoured to be attending the 11th Medical Tourism Congress in Mexico representing Australia at an international level event in medical tourism. so the future is shining bright abroad!


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We look forward to returning back to the US and Mexico and opening our US-based office and starting to host again our individual and Group Tours to Thailand, Bali as well as our new destinations in Turkey and Mexico and an exciting a successful 2021!




World Plastic Surgery Day

July 15 is World Plastic Surgery Day. This branch of medical science is often looked down upon for its frivolous nature, as a means of enhancing what one does not possess naturally and many consider it to be going against nature. But plastic surgery is not just restricted to making you beautiful, it has other purposes too.

What is plastic surgery and how does it benefits the human race?

Plastic surgery is not just cosmetic surgery, and cosmetic surgery is not just a frivolous, narcissistic unnecessary selfish choice to change a part of your body or improve your body image.

It originated in ancient India (600 BC) when master surgeon Shusruta started making noses out of forehead skin using an amazingly ingenious technique. This technique is still used in modern plastic surgery to reconstruct noses.

Plastic surgery has two broad divisions reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery. These are not mutually exclusive and very often a patient will end up needing both to achieve the best results.

Reconstructive surgery as the name suggests is designed to take a damaged area and repair it to bring it closer to normal form and function. It is needed in cases of birth defects, trauma, infections or cancers which have destroyed the skin and tissues, and uses techniques like skin grafts (where skin is taken from one area of the body and transplanted to another) or skin and tissue flaps (where a piece of skin with soft tissue, muscle, nerves or bone is transplanted from one area of the body to the other).

Common examples of reconstructive plastic surgery are management and repair of cleft lips, burns, accidental wounds or tissue defects left after cutting out cancerous tissue.

Cosmetic surgery is designed to take you from the normal to the beautiful. Beauty is a very deep-seated concept in the human mind. The need to wear ornaments, make-up, nice clothes and other accessories has been present right from the caveman days, and is a reflection of ‘the need to be seen’ that is so critical to humans.

Common examples of cosmetic surgery are reshaping or enhancement of the nose, breast, tummy and buttocks. While in most instances cosmetic surgery will create a better form, it can also improve function like improved breathing after nose jobs, reduced neck pain after breast reduction or improved hygiene after the loose hanging skin is taken away in a tummy tuck.

Plastic surgery therefore is a very important service that caters to human needs at all levels, improving form and function and bringing normality and joy to the patients and improving their self-esteem and quality of life.

Does Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Help Self-Esteem?

Can cosmetic procedures build confidence and self-esteem?

What is self-confidence and how can you ‘build it’?

Perceptions and events that build confidence often involve a number of aspects of a person’s life – aspects and events which interact to bring a person self-esteem and confidence across different situations.  One key piece of confidence in our highly-visual worlds is appearance. Appearance and self-esteem are, for most people, contributing factors to social and relationship confidence levels. With the rise of selfies, social media and dating apps – confidence and appearance have never been so in the ‘public eye’.


So does improving your LOOKS improve your confidence? For most people, the answer is YES.

Sometimes physical features that are out of balance or highly disproportionate, or not as attractive as they used to be, can leave a patient feeling out of balance and emotionally sensitive about their appearance.

Patients and Surgeons alike note significant positive changes in patient confidence levels after recovery from cosmetic procedures that help a patient to augment or refine and reshape a feature that had been a long-term concern or a confidence deterrent.

Research about Confidence and Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Enhancements

A European study published by the Journal of Clinical Psychological Science points to research showing that post-operative cosmetic surgery patients enjoy a higher level of self-confidence than pre-surgery; indicating that there are clear psychological benefits to cosmetic plastic surgery.

This is something we can confirm in our own Surgical Consultations – patients seeking surgical and non-surgical improvements to their appearance invariably feel that enhancing or correcting particular physical characteristics will help to improve their self-image.

Positive self image = confidence

In fact, some patients report avoiding certain activities and situations because of concerns about their appearance, which can be very dispiriting. And overwhelmingly, after surgery, patients report a much higher sense of body confidence and general well-being.


Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery can bring amazing results that can help increase physique or facial feature harmony, reduce or minimise the signs of ageing, and correct tissue damage and deformities.


It is crucial that you have listened to and understood information about the procedure(s) you are considering, including recommended pre-op preparation and healing protocols. This includes knowing what to expect during the first few weeks – or months – after a procedure (some complications are common and will need management, but there are other risks to Surgery and you should consider them all). Understandings also include how to get the best outcomes (for instance, what garments you need to wear and how to best minimise your scars).

rhinoplasty bandages

For most patients, the initial surgery and recovery period can be a bit like an emotional ‘roller-coaster’ ride of self-questioning – particularly during the acute healing phrases of your procedure.

This is, fortunately, typically followed by long-term delight with your surgery results after the healing journey – so long as you and your Surgeon have had great communication and so long as what you are expecting from surgery IS actually attainable from the Surgery procedure.

For “worth it” ratings, visit some of the online Forums like Realself where patients discuss their results. Send an enquiry form for more information.

Getting confidence-building results all about communication really – because there are some choices you will be asked to make (such as implant size for augmentation or how you want your nose reshaped for a Rhinoplasty) and having realistic expectations.


Surgical interventions can help you feel better about yourself if your expectations are reasonable, and if you “have the right surgery for the right reasons at the right time by the right Surgeon.”  But Surgery will not solve other problems – nor will it make you look like – or be as famous as – your favourite actor or singer!


The American Psychological Association (APA) has research suggesting that as many as 12% of post-surgical candidates had unreasonable hopes for their surgery, thus resulting in less positive mental outcomes.

However, provided you are fully aware of what surgery can potentially offer, plastic & cosmetic surgery can help increase your self-confidence by helping to improve those aspects of your appearance that you are extremely unhappy with and which negatively impact your enjoyment of certain activities.

Indeed, the same study consulted with patients prior to surgery and at three and twelve months post-operatively, and found that the patients who had opted for surgery and had reasonable expectations, felt “healthier, less anxious, and had more self-esteem.

Make the choice for yourself


Many celebrities are very outspoken about the positive effect that opting for cosmetic plastic surgery has made on their lives. Trainer and fitness personality Jillian Michaels was picked on in school for her nose and decided to have rhinoplasty as an adult to feel better about herself. She says, “Not to say you should let your physicality define you, but there are some things that can make people feel really insecure. So, if there is something you want to fix that allows you to feel a little bit more confident, I support it.”


In summary, plastic surgery is a very personal choice that can positively impact a person’s confidence and increase their quality of life.

Select your Surgeon carefully and make sure that you are aware of the limits of what is possible to achieve so that you are not disappointed by expectations that are not realistic.

Our team of accredited and qualified plastic surgeons are happy to hear your preferences and help to guide your expectations so that likely accomplishments are clear.

🛑If you’d like to know more about the procedures offered by our team of Internationally trained Plastic Surgeons:

🛑And procedures including face:

🛑Breast procedures:

🛑Body procedures:

🛑Cosmetic procedures for men:

🛑And dental

Mexico Your Medical Tourism Destination?


Mexico has recently emerged as a global healthcare hub in the recent years, offering an array of medical treatments to incoming medical tourists.

Travelling south of the border to Mexico is becoming increasingly popular among American and Canadian medical tourists and now increasing Australians who are seeking another destination other than Asia. This is because is is so convenient to travel to Mexico with minimal distance and frequent flights to many, major cities in Mexico.

The burgeoning medical tourism industry in Mexico is beginning to rival its competitor Asian countries. Nearly 1.1 million patients flock to the country annually in order to seek medical treatments. Mexican healthcare, according to the World Health Organization is ranked 61 in the world.

Mexico’s vibrant beaches attract medical tourists who are lured by the opportunity to combine their medical treatment with a beachside vacation, away from the urban hubbub.


1.     Close Proximity to Major Markets

Mexico is geographically very convenient from countries like the US and Canada. These neighbouring countries are major markets for the medical tourism industry here since travelling to Mexico only requires 2-6 hours on an average. Furthermore, easy access is provided by frequent flights to major cities in this country which are relatively cheap.  

The close physical proximity of Mexico to USA results in as many as 40% of the medical tourists in originating from the States. Obviously the CoronaVirus has changed everything and the President of the Medical Association in Mexico has teamed up with Agents outside of traditional markets of Canada and the United States to work with Australian-based agency Nip Tuck Holidays as clients seek medical tourism outside traditional markets such as Thailand as soon as travel restrictions and eased.

A majority of US citizens consider Mexico to be their preferred medical tourism destination because of the availability of direct flights from most of the cities in US to Mexico.

2.     Internationally Accredited Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Mexico has 9 internationally reputed healthcare facilities, which are accredited by the Joint Commission International. Hospitals in Mexico are equipped with up-to-date technology and latest apparatus required for sophisticated procedures. Also, medical facilities here are known to provide high quality services in the field of oncology, dentistry, cosmetic procedures and gastroenterology.

Quality of infrastructure and medical facilities in Mexico is at par with the US, where everything from medical checkups, specialized surgery and post-operative recuperation are made available to the patients in safe and comfortable environments.  

3.     Highly Experienced Fleet of Doctors and Medical Staff

The doctors and surgeons in Mexican hospitals are highly experienced and well equipped with the skills needed for performing a variety of sophisticated procedures. Owing to the unavailability of FDA approved treatments in USA, medical staff in Mexico is backed by years of experience in performing the same procedures. They are hence known to provide better experiential care than the surgeons in the US.

Most of the medical staff and doctors in Mexico receive their training in the US or the UK, thus enabling them to deal with international patients easily.

4.     No Waiting Time for Medical Tourists

Waiting time for patients is not a problem in Mexico as long lines in healthcare facilities are virtually absent. Patients from UK, who are made to wait unendingly long due to the overburdened public health sector find Mexico a safe haven for timely medical care.

The staff here is considered to be extremely friendly, personable and attentive. This is one of the major reasons why patients from neighbouring countries choose to seek medical treatment here.

5.     Cost-effective Treatments

Patients are also able to reap cost benefits as most of the medical procedures are available in the hospitals in Mexico at very low prices. A lap band surgery, which can cost anywhere between $14,000 – $17,000 in the US has a cost of merely $7,000 in Mexico. Similarly, a heart bypass surgery in Mexico is offered at the inexpensive price of $27,000 in Mexico, whereas the same procedure can cost as high at $144,000 in the US.

Most treatments in Mexico cost around 50%-75% lower than the average prices for the same in the US.


Mexico is a lot safer than how it is commonly perceived in popular media. Drug trade and violence in Mexico in the recent years has raised many questions about the safety in Mexico but current statistics show that most of Mexico is safe for travel.

Every year, millions of tourists visit Mexico and many of country’s most popular tourist spots remain safe for foreigners. Medical tourism in Mexico is generally aimed at such safe and secure places only.


The Mexican Federal Government has made elaborate provisions to provide public health care to all the citizens. Every citizen is entitled to subsidized public healthcare. Although, the level of subsidy can be full or partial depending upon the employment status of the person.

The doctors in Mexico are as qualified as that in the US. However, they are quite young as their training begins right after high school. Mexican medical speciality academies have rigid education and training criteria according to which they conduct medical board examinations and provide certifications to physicians. These certifications ensure that the doctor is well qualified.


Although Spanish is the national language and is spoken by most of the Mexicans, almost all the legislation work in the country is done in English as it is an international language. Most natives speak either spanish or the indigenous languages, but doctors and staff in the medical sector are fluent in English.

Most of the popular Mexican hospitals are situated near the US border and almost all the people in this area speak English to cater to the incoming patients. Language translators are also available at the hospitals if either of the doctor or the patient does not speak english.


Although medical travel to Mexico was initially popular for dental and cosmetic surgeries, however patients now flock to hospitals in the country also to seek orthopaedic treatments and surgical procedures. Also, hospitals in Mexico have lately acquired fame for bariatric surgeries for weight-loss.

Dental Care

Hospitals and dental facilities in Mexico are renowned for their cheap and affordable dental care, which is offered here at the highest quality. A large portion of American dental patients are heading down south to Mexico since the cost of dental treatments in the US has surged in the last two decades and continues to increase at the rate of 5% annually.

Dental care in Mexico can be availed at one fourth of the costs in US and this has lead to many American doctors opening their own clinics in cross-border towns, to meet the growing demand.


Mexico boats of over 30 hospitals, specialising in cancer treatment. The hospitals in the country feature integrative medical care, which combines both holistic and traditional patterns of treatment.

Functional oncology programs in some hospitals are directed towards finding new methods of care, other than allopathy. Cellular biology and nutrition, cancer suppression and immunotherapy support programs form the core of the treatment process here.


The country is also popular for less expensive and more effective hip replacement and back/spinal surgeries. Excellent orthopedic surgeons and safe standards of care provide Mexico considerable inflow of patients seeking orthopedic procedures.


Mexico offers medical care at extremely lowered prices as compared to its first world counterparts. Patients travelling to Mexico can expect savings of 40-60% on most procedures.

Typically, a dental implant may cost as high as $10,000 in the US while the same is available in Mexico at a price of $1,000. Amounting to an average saving of about 70%, a face lift in the US is priced at $18,000 while it is available in Mexico at a price of $4000 only.



A border city in Mexico, just south of California, Tijuana is an industrial and financial center of Mexico. It is a safe and affordable destination for medical tourists, where one can avail quality medical care. Some of the best deals in procedures like weight loss surgery can be found here and Tijuana is the ideal location for medical tourists seeking Bariatric Surgery.

Advanced surgical centres in this city are fully equipped with the latest technology and the immaculate beaches allow patients to recover in healthy and relaxed environments. Dental and stem cell treatments are also popular in the city.


Cancun is a leisure hotspot and has greater connectivity with the US and Canada, thereby emerging as a winner in the medical tourism market in Mexico.

Best known for its dental checkups, anti-ageing, alternative medicine and bariatric surgery, patients travelling to this Caribbean destination can get as much as 80% off on their treatments, Cancun offers a gastric bypass at a mere price of $6000, as compared to $25,000 in the US.


Mexico’s third largest city is Monterrey. This city is home to 3 of the finest JCI accredited hospitals in the country, offering ace medical services. Monterrey is called the city of mountains and offers patients from Miami, Texas and other US states a four hour proximity. One of the safest and most modern cities in Mexico, Monterrey is popular for its IVF, Lasik and cosmetic procedures.


The first thing to keep in mind is that the best time to travel to mexico is from May through September. At this time you will get the cheapest deals because the number of tourists is less given the high temperatures.

The local currency Pesos has a sign same as that of a dollar. Most of the shops, restaurants, etc. have these signs on the price tags, menus, etc. Thus, a patient should be cautious while paying money and bills, keeping in mind the difference in the value of the two currencies.

Once in Mexico, you should avoid drinking tap water or take beverages which have ice made from tap water as it is not considered safe even by the locals. However, you can buy drinks from restaurants as these typically use purified water.


The country of Mexico promotes shared cultures. Its culture is a blend of native Mexican with the spanish and other immigrant cultures. The mexican folk art traditions that we see today are derived from the indigenous and spanish crafts.

Majorly comprised of Roman Catholic inhabitants, Mexico supports the beliefs of different religions and believes in equality of rights. Foreigners with different cultural backgrounds are always invited to share their culture with the natives while exploring the local lifestyle.

Festivals like the Radish Festival etc. attract tourists from various places. Mexican cuisine is a fusion of the indigenous and spanish food. Mexican taco is the best known among the street food which is also quite popular internationally. Apart from these calorie rich foods, the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables acts as a great substitute for the canned, processed and street foods when it comes to medical tourists. The hospital meals are also designed regarding the patients’ health as a top priority.


Mexico is a big country with different climate zones and varying weather conditions at different levels of altitudes. Areas with high altitudes tend to develop severe biting cold in the winter months. Sea level areas are generally hot.

Foreign patients who want to witness local festivals, etc. are recommended to visit Mexico during spring times, christmas and easter holidays. However, the prices of accommodation go up a little because it is also vacation time for the locals. Mexican resorts have pleasant weather in the months of may and october.

Hurricane season, which lasts from june to november is also an important factor you should consider while planning your medical trip. If you plan to visit Mexico during this period of time, look for hospitals in the hurricane safe zones.


Among Mexico’s most visited tourist destinations is Chichen Itza, one of the largest cities of the Mayan civilization. The temple-pyramid situated in this city is of astrological importance and is visited by the natives as well as foreigners.

In the past few years, the city of Cancun has become a hub of tourists. Isla Mujeres is a 30 minute boat ride away from this city and provides you with an idealistic atmosphere with calm beaches and vast stretch of coastside. Tourists can also explore the vast network of canyons known as the Copper Canyon through the “Chihuahua al Pacifico” railway.



Getting around in Mexico is really easy. Almost all the cities and towns in Mexico, irrespective of their size have central bus stations which are well connected to each other. Private taxi and bike services are also available.

Major cities of Mexico are well connected through an efficient network of airlines. The more popular the airline routes, the lesser are the fares. Flight schedules, charges, etc are easily available online. Also, keeping a book of maps with you might come in handy to pick out the best means of transport in getting to the place.


Mexico visa requirements vary depending upon the nationality, country of residence and the purpose of travel of the patient. A total of 108 countries including Brazil, Japan, etc. and permanent residents of countries from UK, USA, Canada, and a few others are exempted from any visa requirements. They are allowed for tourist visits on production of valid passport, hotel reservation, etc.

Patients from other countries like India, China, etc. require a visa to visit Mexico which can be obtained from the respective mexican consulate in these countries. The duration of this visa can be a maximum of 3 months and the visitor is not allowed to engage in any profit-oriented activities.


Hospitals are accredited by international non-profits to ensure home like safe care to the patients. Most of the healthcare centres in Mexico have completed the accreditation process of the Joint Commission International (JCI) and therefore guarantee safe treatments by qualified doctors.

The National Certification System for Medical Care Organizations ensures that the international standards for patient safety, quality of procedures and doctors’ qualifications, etc. are followed. This system also sets national standards for the health centres to efficiently manage medical care in the country. These accreditations help the patient to make sure that the doctors treating him are credible and the patient gets the same level of care that he expects in his own country.

Medical tourism in mexico is already a thriving industry and is re-opening 2020-2021, the number of medical tourists reaching Mexico yearly is expected to surpass 650,000.