The group of Gold Coast ladies on Queenslandโ€™s โ€œmedical tourism group tourโ€ all met with me at Brisbane International Airport to board the flight to Phuket for their exciting, life-changing adventure!

The flights were busy, as it seemed a lot of people in Queensland were desperate to escape our winter in the paradise of Phuket. At check-in, we received a lovely surprise that one of the ladies that myself on our group was upgraded to business class! Wow.

ย  ย 

ย What a surprise! The other ladies were happy to have each other to sit together share their expectations, dreams and get to know one the ladies that were sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We arrived in Phuket at 9.35am and went straight to the hospital for our consultations with our surgeons before checking into our hotel in Patong.


The ladies freshened up and the ladies relaxed for a while, while I went back to the airport with our amazing hospital staff to greet the second part of my group who arrived at 4.30pm- with a few more lucky ones on the group also being upgraded to business class. ย Niceโ€ฆโ€ฆ

The ladies, and one boyfriend who was coming along for the ride, were all really excited about finally arriving in Phuket after months of anticipation. Sue said:

โ€œGoing overseas for surgery is daunting in itself, but the quality and care of the surgeons and staff were fantastic that I would not hesitate to recommend the to everyone.โ€

After they checked into their rooms we all went out together for dinner and drinks and a walk along the streets of Patong before falling into bed exhausted for an early pick-up from the hospital for consultations and surgery.

Day 2: Monday 28th June

We enjoyed a buffet breakfast together this morning, and were picked up by the hospital for our appointments with our surgeons. For some ladies- today was the day and had their consultations and surgeries this morning.

When the ladies were checked into their room, their very last minute anxiety was replaced with excitement and reassurance and trust in the high calibre of surgeons at this impressive international award-winning Bangkok Hospital Phuket. This hospital is internationally recognized as the providing the โ€œGold Stampโ€ for medical and health care providers globally. In addition to the high standard of gentle and genuine care they received from our formal international accreditation that officially recognizes the hospitalโ€™s high standards in medical and patient care meet or exceed the standards of medical facilities in the US.


Lisa said:

โ€œI was very impressed with the hospital and the hospital staff. They were very helpful and my doctor, Dr Jib was excellent! He thoroughly explained the procedure to me and answered all of my questions promptly. I highly recommend him and will be recommending Nip Tuck Holidays to my friends and family.โ€


The first lady on our group surgery was already completed and ready to check out of hospital. Thrilled, and glowing with happiness at her results by which she described as โ€œhaving the perfect breastsโ€ she had always wanted. She just looked so beautiful, and so happy!


It was a lazy, rainy day and the ladies checking out of hospital and the ladies waiting not having surgery today went back to the hotel to relax for the afternoon to relax with alcohol, massages, room service & DVDs while the other ladies did some retail therapy. Tonight the girls and I headed out to watch the Muay Thai!

Day 3: Tuesday 29th June

Another surgery this morning, and everyone was recovering well and soaking up the 24/7 care they were receiving from the nurses and our hospital team.


Day 4: Wednesday 30 June

Some of the ladies were blazing the tourist track in Phuket and went to the Zoo while the others recovered well from their surgery and checked out at lunchtime spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Day 5: Thursday 1 July

As the weather drizzled, it was a lazy day of shopping, massages, room service and drinks at the barโ€ฆโ€ฆ.ย  Just what the doctor ordered!

The last lady in the group was scheduled for surgery this afternoon, and one more lady checking out after spending the last 2 days recovering in luxury at our hospital, the magnificent Bangkok Hospital, Phuket. Most all of the ladies were booked for Brite Smile teeth whitening and were going to come with gleaming smiles!


Day 6 โ€“ Day 8ย  ( 2 July -8th July)

The days all melted into each other in this magical land, and the ladies spent their days relaxing, shopping and soaking up the beauty of the islands, unspoilt caves and villages and islands.


Surgeries doneโ€ฆโ€ฆ- check


Elephant riding .. โ€“ check


Holidaying in paradiseโ€ฆ.check

8th July

Half of the group were departing Phuket today, returning home with a suitcase full of treasures, friendships, experiences and brand new assets.

9th July

The rest of us left this morning with some of the ladies suitcases almost bursting and we all boarded the flight filling out the back seat just like the cool kids on the school bus as we laughed, talked and shared stories and adventures. It was so much fun!

At our stop-over in Singapore we did some last-minute duty-free shopping on make-up and perfume and shoes, and boarded our flight home with a new vitality, confidence and memories that will last a life-time!!!!


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