About us

Nip Tuck Holidays is one of the pioneer medical tourism agency’s  in Australia established  in 2007.  We were the first agency on the Gold Coast to offer to Group Tours to Phuket, with this  concept quickly expanding across the East Coast of Australia to become a popular medical tourism concept and making headlines across newspapers and filling magazines!

NipTuck Holidays expanded out network  globally  offering to the top medical destinations all over the world, with strong profession partnerships, state-of-the-art international hospitals  and medical care.

Our strong professional partnerships and affiliations ensure we can offer our clients access to some of the most famous plastic & reconstructive surgeons – many on an exclusive basis. We are committed to delivering the best healthcare  and medical procedures  at our variety of world-class hospitals and facilities across the globe.

We have had a huge amount of valuable experience coordinating thousands of safe and affordable procedures with extraordinary results for our clients and we continue to offer first-class luxury healthcare to class at affordable prices at the world’s top medical tourism hotspots.

We  offer clients the highest medical standards  and an experience-of-a-lifetime surgery holiday experience that will meet or exceed set international standards.We ensure every attention to detail  in all aspects of the NipTuck cosmetic surgery holiday experience is indeed world-class.


Why Nip Tuck

We provide clients with personal recommendations and guidance, which we hear is what is most needed most from clients when making such a big decision when considering cosmetic surgery abroad. We know first hand in which surgeons are best suited to perform surgery on each individual patient with an in-depth knowledge of our of each surgeon’s areas of expertise.

We know each surgeons specialty, their strengths, their manner, and listen to the needs and expectations of our clients to ensure each and every single individual client has the right plastic surgeon to suit their individual needs to ensure the best possible outcome and recovery and have many options to suit our client’s needs.

Our strong professional relationships with them mean we can provide the best recommendations for our clients based upon their individual needs on an unbiased basis and this is our commitment to our clients to ensure they receive the best service.

When our clients ask “Where is the best place in the world for a breast augmentation?”; “Where is the best plastic surgery for Gastric Sleeve in Mexico?” “ Who does the best rhinoplasty in Thailand?” and we are able to personally suggest surgeons based on a mixture of professional, personal, and industry experience .

That is gained from years of experience , choosing our surgeons carefully and knowing our surgeons and their work well. This was the desired results and outcome  is matched  based upon the individual needs and/or requests within their budget and at affordable prices. As only the best will do at NipTuck Holidays for our clients.

Our Service


Patient Admission

From pre-travel communication, transfer services, pre-operative consultation, in-patient admission, peril-operative comfort, post-operative care, discharge, follow-up, and long-term communication, together with our partnered hospital teams we strive to provide excellent care.


Client Satisfaction

We stand by the service that we offer and believe in quality, client satisfaction, and that we have a responsibility to our clients long after they have returned home. We provide our clients with the assurances that they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk by traveling overseas for surgery



It is our role to guide our clients interested in cosmetic surgery abroad in providing the latest information worldwide including the best destinations, cutting edge treatment and procedures, latest information, planning the treatment, and holiday for the ideal post-op recovery from your procedure.


Cosmetic Surgery

Our plastic surgeons are internationally recognized, the best in their field, performing thousands of surgeries per year.We organize both individual surgery holiday packages and host Group Tours which are the “ultimate cosmetic surgery holiday” in the paradise of Thailand coordinating both the medical and travel incl.

Our Team

Our staff and consultants have extensive personal and professional experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. We however  provide our clients with a wealth of information to ensure you are fully informed to make your surgery decisions in addition to the professional medical advice and evaluations we obtain for you from our partnered plastic & reconstructive surgeons.

NipTuck Holidays are a medical tourism agency and not doctors, therefore do not provide you with medical advice. We are always happy to get you a second opinion from another of our Plastic Surgeons at a different hospital, or you may seek your own medical advice. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.

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